HANNOVER, Germany, November 3, 2011 - - Strong fourth quarter anticipated - 2011: Sales revenues of EUR 93 million and balanced operating result anticipated - Development of new ticketing systems - Liquidity in Hoeft & Wessel stock rises In the first three quarters of 2011, the Hoeft & Wessel Group increased its sales revenues by more than 4 per cent, to reach EUR 62.8 million (2010: EUR 60.1 million).

HANNOVER, Germany and SWINDON, England, September 29, 2011 - With Photo - New e-Ticketing system for check-in/check-out with NFC credit card - High-speed boarding without prior registration - Now passengers only need an NFC credit card Long waiting times when buying tickets on buses and trains are now a thing of the past - at least for customers of Hoeft & Wessel: for the first time ever, the IT specialist will provide them with a new Almex e-Ticketing system for convenient, contactless payment by credit card without prior registration.

HANNOVER, Germany, September 25, 2011 - - Cross reference: Picture is available via epa european pressphoto agency and can be downloaded free of charge at: ots.de/J4IFb The winner of the 21st International Fireworks Competition in Hannover comes from Mexico! After its display yesterday evening (24 September), it was announced that first place went to the "Pirotecnia Reyes" team.

HANNOVER, Germany, August 4, 2011 - Focus on Further Internationalisation In the first six months of 2011, the Hoeft & Wessel Group increased its sales revenues by 11 per cent, to reach EUR 43.4 million (2010: EUR 39.1 million).

HANNOVER, Germany, July 11, 2011 - Cross Reference: Picture is Available via epa European Pressphoto Agency and can be Downloaded Free of Charge at: www.presseportal.de/story.htx?firmaid=42831 - No sooner is the world's biggest marksmen's fair (Schtzenfest) over than it's time for the next big event in Hannover.
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