Hoeft & Wessel Group Targeting the South America Market

By Hoeft Wessel Group, PRNE
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Almex and Metric at Fair TranspoQuip Latin America 2010

HANNOVER, Germany and SWINDON, England, August 16, 2010 - The Hoeft & Wessel Group strengthens its activities for the South America
market, especially Brazil and Argentina. The IT and engineering Group's Almex
and Metric business divisions will present their solutions at TranspoQuip
Latin America 2010 in the Expo Center Norte - São Paulo, Brazil, on 10-12
November 2010

Ticketing and parking solutions will be shown in a joint environment. All
solutions are proven and ruggedized, yet support state of the art
technologies like e-ticketing and electronic cash payment.

The Group's business activities are being coordinated in São Paulo,
Brazil, by their Regional Manager, Germano Ramlow. "Public transport via
buses, trains and subways is growing in importance in cities in Brazil and
Argentina. At the same time efficient operations for controlling parking are
increasingly being sought. This is a very interesting environment for Almex
ticketing systems and Metric 'Pay and Display' parking systems. In the last
few months I have noticed strong interest in proven technology engineered in

    Hoeft & Wessel Group
    Germano Ramlow
    General Manager Latin America
    Phone: +55-11-82-79-75-09
    Mail: germano.ramlow@hoeft-wessel.com
    Web: www.hoeft-wessel.com

Hoeft & Wessel Group, Germano Ramlow, General Manager Latin America, Phone: +55-11-82-79-75-09, Mail: germano.ramlow at hoeft-wessel.com, Web: www.hoeft-wessel.com

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