Pirelli Stars in Green Performance at the Hannover Trade Fair on Sustainable Mobility

By Pirelli, PRNE
Sunday, April 18, 2010

Innovative Technology Presented for Elimination of all Types of Polluting Substances Deriving From Diesel Engines

HANNOVER, Germany, April 19, 2010 - Pirelli takes a leading role in Italy's Pavilion at the
Hannover Show with Green Performance, the technology developed by the Group's
laboratories for sustainable mobility. Pirelli's 'greenest' and most advanced
products were on display in the Pavilion dedicated to Italian industry: the
Cinturato P7 car tyre, recognised by the most prestigious European
organisations as the tyre that is both the safest and most ecological; the
R01 tyre for industrial vehicles, developed to guarantee low consumption and
great mileage with even the heaviest vehicles; the Cyber Tyre, with the chip
that controls car consumption and increases safety; the Feelpure
antiparticulate filter that removes over 90% of fine dust emissions produced
by diesel engines.

(Photo: www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20100419/386930)

And that is not all: Pirelli contributed to the Hannover Show,
this year devoted to sustainable mobility, with two events in the opening day
seminars. The first, in the morning, concerned green technology for tyre
development and integrated systems in tyres helping reduce consumption,
increase safety and minimise the use of polluting materials. The second, in
the afternoon, on new technologies developed by Pirelli Eco Technology for
production of filters able to definitively eliminate all polluting substances
emitted from diesel engine commercial vehicles, with the effect of bringing
the category on those vehicles from Euro 2/3 to Euro 5. The filters using
these technologies drastically reduce emissions of not just fine and
ultra-fine dust, but also of nitrogen dioxide, CO2 and hydrocarbons. The
speech in the afternoon by Pirelli Eco Technology CEO Bruno Tronchetti
Provera will also concern Feelpure, the particulate filter produced by
Pirelli Eco Technology, certified in major countries in Europe and worldwide
as able to remove the most harmful substances to human health: fine dust and
nitrogen dioxide.

The 'Green Performance' products lie right at the heart of the
2009-2011 industrial plan and represent advanced solutions in the 'green
economy' sector, with constant attention to social and environmental
sustainability, from processes to products. At the end of 2009, the incidence
of the 'green' component on Group revenues was 25%, compared with the 20%
reached at the end of 2008. The target is to reach 40% in 2011.


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