TAAP Data Capture Mobile Software Triumphs at MCN Show

By Taap Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, February 28, 2010

BOREHAMWOOD, England, March 1, 2010 - Triumph - the largest British automotive manufacturer, producing around
50,000 motorcycles a year - used TAAP's Data Capture mobile software on a
rental basis to collect leads at the recent Motorcycle News (MCN) show. With
a comprehensive network of professional dealerships, Triumph offers test
rides throughout the UK.

The MCN show is the biggest annual motorcycle show in the London/South
East area, with people travelling from outside the UK to attend. TAAP - a
leading mobile software application provider with significant expertise in
the automotive sector - provided Triumph with eight PDA devices (handheld
mobile computers) for use at the show, held at the Excel centre from 4th -
7th February 2010.

TAAP's award-winning Data Capture application operates via Pocket
PCs/PDAs to allow Triumph to collect customer data and view it in real-time
on a secure website, completely eliminating paper forms. This makes remote
event management and tracking much easier as information is immediately
visible. Data is securely managed as it is encrypted on the device and when
sent from it.

Emphasizing its flexible approach to software customisation, TAAP
provided Triumph with a 'nearest dealer' feature. This ensured that when
customers were contacted at a later date with regards to a test ride, this
would be done by their nearest Triumph dealer. The application includes
mandatory fields which ensure that all leads collected contain uniform
information in a set format, and missing data is a thing of the past.

Triumph were pleased with the ease of use of the application and the
quality of the lead data captured, and confirmed further use of the
technology for the forthcoming Scottish MCN event organised by Live
Promotions and held at the Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh on 20th and 21st
March 2010

Triumph account manager at TAAP, Louise Lawson, said "We're delighted
that Triumph found the Data Capture application a success and are planning to
use it again for the Scottish show. Secure data collection through the TAAP
mobile software means customers benefit from a more accurate and far quicker

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