TAAP Releases Card Payment Feature for Mobile Devices

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BOREHAMWOOD, England - TAAP has recently released its new card payment transaction feature for Windows Mobile devices. Called ‘TAAP Transaction’ the system allows card payments to be processed on devices without the need for magnetic-swipe card readers or chip and pin technology.

Information is securely processed as it is sent through Merchant Services Gateways using 256 bit SSL encryption. Card details are not stored in any of TAAP’s systems so there is no risk of security breaches. The user enters details of the customer’s card, transaction amount, and optional mobile telephone number for sms receipt, then submits the information to access the Merchant Services Gateway. Following authorisation, transactions are processed in real-time, and if customers choose to receive an sms receipt this arrives within a few seconds of authorisation.

Windows Mobile devices with styluses also support signature capture, so customers can also sign for a transaction. The application makes card transactions easier for those businesses that do not wish to purchase expensive and cumbersome card payment processing devices, thus reducing costs associated with card payments. It can be used by taxi companies for example, or to make a one-off donation to a charity via their street fundraisers.

Transaction logs are available to view and download via a secure website provided by TAAP. Users can download the payment details (not including any card numbers or associated details) as a .csv file which can be imported into accounting/bookkeeping or other systems.

Currently, Merchant Service Gateways are in place for users of HSBC and Barclaycard, and further services can easily be set-up if customers require a different provider to be used.

The application can be extended for invoicing so that transaction details can be transposed into customised invoice templates, converted to PDF files, and emailed to customers. This provides a professional way to send details of transactions without re-keying information, or requiring an accounts package to process invoices.

The TAAP Transaction application can be easily integrated with other TAAP products such as TAAP Data Capture, TAAP Field Force, TAAP Exman, etc. and can also be integrated easily with existing back-office systems.

Visit: www.ontaap.com/MobileWorkforce.aspx for further details.

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Contact TAAP : Tel: +44(0)845-230-9787, Fax: +44(0)208-387-1763, Email: angela.walker at ontaap.com

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