TAAP Announces Data Capture Software for iPad and iPhone

By Taap Ltd, PRNE
Monday, September 6, 2010

BOREHAMWOOD, England, September 7, 2010 - TAAP announces its latest innovation with the release of data capture
software designed for the increasingly popular Apple iPad and its sister
product, the iPhone. TAAP Data Capture is an award-winning software solution
for mobile devices, enabling accurate and fast collection of leads at events,
exhibitions, during face-to-face fundraising activities and in any
out-of-the-office situation.

As with all TAAP's mobile software systems, the iPad / iPhone data
capture product can be customised according to a client's requirements -
whether it's simply capturing contact details or collecting more complex
market research or survey data.

The newly released iPad is proving to be a big hit with marketers and
sales representatives working at face-to-face events and experiential
marketing activities, and because of its large screen (9.7 inches) and high
resolution (1024 x 768) it's ideal for using features such as embedded video
and product brochure display which TAAP's data capture applications contain.

Brands which need to display highly visual content to a
prospect/supporter or ensure that their product and service information is
accessible and readable on a mobile device will find these innovations
extremely useful in terms of boosting the brand's visibility.

Gordon Smillie, Managing Director at TAAP commented:

"There has been huge interest from the business community about how to
use the iPad in commercial situations, so TAAP is delighted to be developing
applications which make use of the latest innovations in mobile technology."

Because the data capture applications can be configured to send automatic
emails or text messages to recipients once their contact details have been
collected, brands have a greater opportunity to engage with their potential
customers as they can personalise the messages using the information
collected on the iPad device. Messages can also be timed so they arrive at
opportune moments.

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