TAAP Creates BlackBerry Apps for the Enterprise

By Taap Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, February 14, 2010

BOREHAMWOOD, England, February 15 - TAAP - a leading supplier of mobile software applications - has announced
that it is now offering BlackBerry-compatible versions of its Field Force
applications. This will allow organisations who rely on BlackBerrys for
business email and calendar functionality to extend the reach of the platform
and take advantage of TAAP's extensive range of 'apps.'

After launching TAAP Data Capture on BlackBerry, which is ideal for
surveys; audits; marketing and lead capture, TAAP decided that the platform
was ready for mainstream applications targeting all vertical sectors.

Managing Director Gordon Smillie says "We have recently been working
successfully with RIM to provide our Data Capture product on BlackBerry. We
saw an opportunity to extend our capabilities with existing platforms to
supply sophisticated workflow applications for organisations with mobile
workers, using our signature product - TAAP Field Force."

TAAP Field Force combines sophisticated workflow "in the cloud" with
smart device software, to deliver line-of-business (LOB) applications
rapidly. The software can integrate with existing business-critical systems
if required, and be deployed in a few weeks.

Field Force is ideal for secure workflow systems for Public Sector
workers, for example, or for use by marketers, engineers, inspectors, field
service workers, or for deliveries and collections. For example, a user can
send and receive jobs, complete electronic forms, and send all the encrypted
information to a colleague in a matter of seconds.

TAAP products make extensive use of electronic signatures, bar codes and
photographs to deliver the functionality its customers demand. Now, through
the use of third party products, BlackBerry devices can participate as
supported devices in rich enterprise applications.

For more information on TAAP's Field Force or Data Capture applications
for BlackBerry or other mobile handsets, please contact TAAP on
+44-(0)845-230-9787 or visit www.ontaap.com

About TAAP

TAAP is a leading provider of software solutions which allow
organisations to mobilise their operations using hand held computers. Its
award-winning agile application platform allows new systems to be delivered
"OnTAAP", that is, fast, flexibly and at low cost.

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