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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HEERHUGOWAARD, The Netherlands, May 19, 2011 - Dutch law allows cars registered on or after October 16th 2006 to be
exported free of Dutch luxury tax to any country in the EU plus
Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Information label now
provides information in 11 languages about the Dutch legal situation and the
range of used cars eligible for this tax rebate. Thanks to this legislation,
Dutch net car prices are among the lowest in Europe. is an
initiative of VWE (Dutch bureau for vehicle documentation and information) in
order to stimulate export of Dutch used cars.

Besides the BTW (VAT) that is levied at a rate of 19% on new and used
vehicles, the Netherlands imposes an extra tax based on the net list price
called BPM (luxury tax of 45.2% in 2006). In order to align with EU policy,
the Dutch government has introduced an export tax rebate scheme for BPM tax.
The amount of tax rebate is calculated based on the age of the car in
combination with a fixed depreciation table. Detailed information can be
found on

VWE expects that in 2011 75.000 cars will be exported from the
that are eligible for tax rebate. That is three times as much as
in 2010. VWE expects that the total number of cars that will be exported from
the Netherlands will be 215.000 at the end of 2011 which is 8,9% higher than
in 2010.

VWE is an independent organisation that provides services for the motor
vehicles trade and related parties. VWE is an RDW information provider, RDW
communication provider, customs agent, insurance agent, customs software
provider and manufacturer of number plates. Over the years VWE has built up
strong national and international ties with authorities and organisations
involved in this specific sector. VWE is located in Heerhugowaard, The

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Note: For more information or questions you can reach VWE, contact person: Gert-Jan Boom, communications advisor, tel. +31(0)72-566 0253, +31(0)6-1039-6842, e-mail gertjan.boom at

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