Adfortel in the Cloud(s) With New Version of VoiceAds Engine Campaign Manager

By Adfortel, PRNE
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, May 19, 2011 - Adfortel, developer of mobile advertising solutions, has redeveloped its
VoiceAds Campaign Manager and made it suitable for hosted solutions.

The primary function of the VoiceAds Engine Campaign Manager is the
replacement of the standard waiting tone (…toot…toot…) by a VoiceAd.
This happens during the period that the call is being 'built up'. As soon as
the person who has been called picks up the phone, the call will start.

The Campaign Manager most important goal is to ensure that the right
target group is reached at the right time. It has been developed with that
goal in mind and can perform various functions, such as planning, profiling
and reporting.

For mobile operators to be able to use the VoiceAds Engine an integration
in the core network is necessary. This usually takes some time and can be
causing delays in the go to market time.

"This happens so often that we decided not to take the same road," says
Jorge Martins CTO of Adfortel. "That's why when we rolled out the 3rd
installment of our VoiceAd Engine and decided to address this by moving to an
hosted scenario which enables us to offer our VoiceAds Engine service to
mobile operators without the need to have a full integration within the
operators core network."

Moving services that would naturally be inside the operator's network
creates new challenges, as data volume can be overwhelming.

"That is what we understood and prepared for and we have a system that
handles over 80 million subscribers on its base configuration. That is
already the sum of several operators subscriber bases and we are readying to
expand it soon."

Apart from this revolutionary approach for offering mobile advertising
services to operators the VoiceAds campaign Manager is also optimized to
serve Media Agencies and their advertisers as it has now self learning
capabilities based on the feedback of the mobile network. Depending on the
calling behavior of the subscribers the system is capable of making decisions
by itself and adapt running campaigns to make sure target groups are served
optimally and each agency impression and budget goals are guaranteed.

"We strongly believe this new version will strengthen our proposition as
we are now able to offer operators not only an innovative A-sided VAS service
but also eliminated a large portion of the needed integration time and
therefore shortened the go to market time significantly," says Jorge Martins.

About Adfortel

Adfortel develops and provides mobile advertising solutions. Adfortel has
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