Online Travel Takes a Larger Role

By Travelmatch, PRNE
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LONDON, May 4, 2011 - Travelmatch says that the internet plays a huge role in the travel
industry; they expect this to only become more apparent as ever more people
begin to use the web to research, plan and book their holidays the easy way.

Online holiday specialists Travelmatch have experienced a rising tide of
customers using their service to book cheap holidays. Taking into account
these figures and customer feedback, they have concluded that the internet is
an integral part of most people's tourist experiences. Alex Francis of comments: "It is hard to imagine booking a holiday these
days without the internet as it allows customers to gather information, and
book flights and holidays with such great ease. Whether someone is going to
Lara Beach (
in Turkey, or Kathmandu in Nepal it is almost certain they will use online
resources to help them get there."

Recent studies have drawn similar conclusions and a report by comScore,
( a market research company specialising in the
digital world, has unearthed staggering figures demonstrating the link
between the internet and travel. Their report shows that in February 2011
alone, 446 million unique visitors logged on to travel websites; this
constitutes an 18 per cent increase over the same time last year. Online
travel agents in particular received over 181 million unique visitors during
that period.

Francis comments on these numbers: "The data unearthed by comScore is
truly staggering as it shows that a huge proportion of the population is
using the web to book their holidays. Indeed, 181 million unique visits to
online travel agents is an incredible number, which demonstrates that many
people have discovered how easy and affordable it is to make travel
arrangements online."

Francis expects online resources to become ever more important to the
travel world. He concludes: "It is quite clear that the internet dominates
the way many book and plan their holidays. In the coming years, we can expect
more and more people to log on and arrange their travel the easy way. If
someone wants to book a hotel, such as the Concorde Deluxe Resort
in Turkey, or set off on a round the world trip, they are best served using
the internet to make all their arrangements."

About Travelmatch:

Travelmatch is a new travel discovery engine that helps inspire customers
by matching their requirements to a wide range of holidays, hotels, flights,
cruises, villas or city breaks. Unlike other travel sites, customers are not
required to choose a destination, date or budget before they can begin
searching. Customers are able to make informed decisions by exploring photos,
user reviews, maps, events and activities and other fun things relevant to
their chosen travel product. Travelmatch, (
which closed its first funding round in 2010, is based in Notting Hill,

Contact Information: Alex Francis, Press Officer, Travelmatch, press at
Newcombe House, 45 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3LQ, Tel: +44(0)20-3384-5830

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