TeleTracking Announces Availability of Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) to the UK Health Care Market

By Teletracking Technologies Inc., PRNE
Monday, September 12, 2011

LONDON, September 13, 2011 -

- On 15th September 2011, TeleTracking will host a symposium demonstrating how patient flow automation and RTLS solutions function in a hospital environment, utilising the ground breaking live testing laboratory at The Health Informatics Research Laboratories, The University of Wales Swansea.

TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of its next generation Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) to the UK health care system. With more than 1,850 installations of automated workflow solutions in US, Canadian and UK hospitals, TeleTracking provides a complete hospital capacity management system that combines patient throughput logistics, movable medical equipment management, inter-hospital patient transfer and infection control applications, including handwashing compliance monitoring.  

RTLS are used by hospitals to track the location, status and availability of mobile medical equipment, staff resources and patients continuously and in real-time. Similar to indoor GPS, these systems work by combining an enterprise RTLS locating network infrastructure, software applications and business process improvement consulting to give hospitals immediate, real-time visibility to tracked equipment and resources throughout a hospital enterprise. Financial savings with RTLS asset management are realised in providing actionable data to impact a variety of equipment process flow and utilisation challenges in hospitals.

NHS faces the challenges of improving quality of care, an increasing demand for care,  staff shortages, and patient safety / infection control concerns, whilst needing to maintain positive financial health. While the Health and Social Care Bill 2010-11 continues under consideration by  Parliament, an entirely separate “challenge” to the NHS has been issued by Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the English National Health Service - to find 20 billion pounds Sterling in “efficiency savings” by 2015. TeleTracking is at the forefront of efficiency in hospital operations with workflow automation solutions for hospitals designed to maximise capacity using existing resources.  Adding real-time locating system (RTLS) technology advances this goal by combining the management of mobile medical equipment with patient flow and staff locating initiatives to reduce equipment expenses, streamline bed turnover, speed patient placement and improve portering productivity.  

TeleTracking combines the best Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) and flow technologies available to deliver optimal real-time management of the entire physical enterprise, including the location, status and history of every patient, employee and moveable medical device.  The company offers stand-alone applications for AssetTracking and TempTracking, and has partnered RTLS with the TeleTracking Capacity Management Suite™ of applications, a widely-accepted solution suite for optimising patient flow in hospitals.  A key feature of the new TeleTracking RTLS offering is the unparalleled precision of its locating technology.  TeleTracking RTLS utilises a patented combination of enhance IR (infrared) and active RF (radio frequency) to provide room, bay and bed level locating precision.  This level of accuracy is crucial in hospitals to both drive successful asset management cost reductions and to optimise patient flow utilising RTLS.  In addition, the TeleTracking RTLS locating infrastructure is nearly 100% battery powered, so installation is easy, scalable and not dependent on the use of hospital electrical outlets.

“Increasing demand for care within the UK is rising with the age of the population. Coupled with staff shortages, the capacity challenge is massive,” said TeleTracking President and CEO, Anthony Sanzo.  ”By providing actionable, real-time information regarding both utilisation patterns of moveable medical equipment and process bottlenecks that impinge efficient enterprise patient flow, we  now offer a complete suite of solutions that can provide efficiency savings while improving quality of care throughout the UK.”

Principles Behind Capacity Management Symposium: 15th September, 2011

On 15th September 2011 TeleTracking will host a symposium to discuss the principles behind Capacity Management. The symposium will be held from 12pm - 3pm at The Health Informatics Research Laboratories, Grove Building, The University of Wales Swansea.  The event is being held in collaboration with the NHS Wales, eHealth Industries Innovation Centre “EHI2″ and will be attended by senior Executives from Welsh NHS Trusts. During the symposium, TeleTracking will be demonstrating how patient flow automation and RTLS solutions function in a hospital environment, utilising the ground breaking live testing laboratory.  

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