TFI Group Celebrates 30TH Anniversary

By Tfi Group, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LONDON, May 26, 2011 -

TFI Group, one of the UK's leading event management agencies, has
celebrated its 30th anniversary, culminating in an event for suppliers,
partners and clients in London. Building up to the event, TFI commissioned a
series of video vignettes featuring team members, showcasing the breadth and
depth of talent at the company.

Peter Franks, founder and chairman of TFI, said: "With this landmark date
in mind, we wanted to recognise the great work done by the team members, as
well as take the opportunity to thank our partners and colleagues. Over three
decades, the events industry has changed almost beyond recognition: we invest
a lot of time and resources in defining events as part of the communications
strategy so they can enhance other efforts."

The 30 video vignettes highlighted members of the team at every level,
who voiced their views on the sector, as well as some of their different
methods of collaborating with clients.

William Jeavons, general manager of TFI, explained: "The videos were a
chance for us to shine a spotlight on our talent management programme, where
mentoring goes both ways. We learn about new technologies and methods from
our younger team members on a regular basis, and the senior team members are
on hand to coach through the overall process. We pull all of these ideas
together in internal workshops to foster collaboration and skills-sharing
through the organisation."

TFI's anniversary event was held at The Deck at the National Theatre on
the South Bank, with more than 150 clients and partners present.

The celebration came at the end of a fruitful 12 months for TFI Group:
TFI Meeting Point won the VisitBritain account while TFI Corporate was
recognised for its work in Best Product Launch at the Eventia International
Awards 2010 for the Philips Consumer Lifestyle event. In addition, TFI Pharma
won two new major accounts - the Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi
Sankyo Europe and a major healthcare international.

About TFI Corporate

Established in 1981, TFI Corporate is one of Europe's leading
professional conference, incentive meetings and travel organisers. It
specialises in the organisation and management of creative meeting and event
solutions for customers across a wide range of industries around the world.

TFI Group consists of three specialist, yet integrated, channels: TFI
Corporate; TFI Meeting Point; and TFI Pharma.

Contact: Tina Schneidermann, TFI Group, +44-207-233-5644,


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