Wapple Launches new Developer Program to Ready 'an Army' of Mobile web Experts

By Wapple Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BROMSGROVE, England, May 26, 2011 -

Mobile Web technology company Wapple (wapple.net) has launched a
new Developer Program to create 'an army' of mobile web experts, and provide
them with all the tools necessary to mobilise millions of businesses

Wapple provides service to some of the largest brands in the world and
has an existing channel of large agencies. It also receives thousands of
registrations from smaller agencies, web designers & developers who need to
create mobile web optimised experiences for their clients or employers, a
core of early-adopters who will be key to the maturity of the mobile web.

They will now join the new Program and be able to access Wapple community
tutorials, forums, videos and case-studies that will provide and share
invaluable knowledge on mobile web design, development, marketing,
optimisation and the Wapple suite of technology products; Canvas, Architect &

"In 2004, long before Google, Microsoft and Apple made massive plays into
mobile, we predicted a time when every business would have to be ready for
this entirely new media. That time is now and the huge demand for true mobile
expertise is imminent" said Anne Thomas, Wapple co-founder and COO

With more than 85% of the world's handsets now able to access the mobile
web, companies and brands, who see up to 10% of their web traffic coming from
mobile devices, are desperate to establish and efficiently manage their
business on mobile. The Developer Program creates an effective channel for
mobile web optimisation that these companies can engage.

"Although web and mobile web share common protocols they must never be
considered the same not only because of the variances in screen sizes and
browser capabilities but because consumers behave very differently on mobile
and expect an experience that caters to this. Our Developer Program enables
its user-base to address these critical differences," continued Thomas.

The news follows the company's recent announcement that it has appointed
web entrepreneur Simon Lavers as CEO and raised additional investment from
new and existing shareholders to expand Wapple's business in EMEA and North

Notes to editors

Formed in 2004, Wapple provides a technology platform (
for creating high quality mobile websites, applications and marketing
campaigns that are optimised for every mobile device, on any network,
anywhere in the world.

(Due to the length of this URL, it may be necessary to copy and paste
this hyperlink into your Internet browser's URL address field. Remove the
space if one exists.)

- Canvas, the award-winning mobile site builder and marketing platform,
enables its users to create highly functional, dynamic and measurable mobile
websites and campaigns though an advanced user interface

- Architect is a mobile web development toolkit that allows any existing
web content, sites and applications to be output in a mobile-friendly format

- Exhibit is a mobile device & browser profiler and delivery technology
that ensures sites built in Canvas or developed using Architect are
automatically optimised and displayed perfectly on any mobile web device

The Developer Program (
wapple.net/mobile-web-for-web-developers-and-designers) allows members
to access Wapple community tutorials, videos, case-studies and forums to
accelerate learning and knowledge as well as being able to utilise the
company's suite of products listed above.

Wapple's Professional Services (
department includes mobile marketing campaigns, bespoke consultancy and
application deployment

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