‘The Counter-IED Market Will Reach $6.4bn in 2011′ Says Latest visiongain Report

By Visiongain, PRNE
Monday, November 14, 2011

LONDON, November 15, 2011 -


Visiongain’s latest defence report, The Counter-IED Market 2011-2021: Systems and Technologies for Force Protection, finds a sector that is in decline from unusually high levels of spending in previous years although robust demand is still expected over the decade. Cheap to produce and deadly to its victims, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are expected to continue being a key weapon for insurgents and terrorists in the future. Thus, even in the era of defence spending cuts, countries are still looking to acquire counter-IED systems to address this persistent menace. Visiongain calculates that the global counter-IED market in 2011 amounted to $6.4bn.

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have proven to be an effective and increasingly preferred weapon by insurgents, primarily in Iraq and later in Afghanistan, along with many other places in the world. Many of the world’s leading armed forces have responded by spending heavily on equipment that will protect against IEDs, such as mine-resistant vehicles, jammers that block radio signals meant to detonate IEDs, detection and disposal systems, and robots and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) intended to detect the deadly menace. While demand has peaked in recent years, spending on counter-IED spending remains significant. IEDs, being cheap and relatively easy to make with widely available material are expected to remain a threat in future conflicts. ¬†

The US remains the main spender on counter-IED systems although its share will decline slightly, albeit it will still be the leading market over the next decade. A number of countries in Europe remain key markets and there are there are countries in Asia and the Middle East seen to significantly increase spending on counter-IED systems over the decade.

This report is packed with 71 tables, charts and graphs that show key trends in the counter-IED market. At the global level, Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2011-2021 in terms of value (US$) for total sales also for four key submarkets - mine-resistant vehicles, electronic countermeasures, detection systems and unmanned systems. Forecasts for total sales are also provided for 10 leading national counter-IED markets with comprehensive analysis of counter-IED programmes in each of the 10 leading national markets.

This visiongain defence report, The Counter-IED Market 2011-2021: Systems and Technologies for Force Protection, will be valuable to those already involved in this important defence sector, or who are looking to participate in this dynamic defence sector.

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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Key Drivers and Restraints
1.2 Highlights of the Report
1.3 Methods
1.4 The Global Counter-IED Market 2011-2021
1.5 Mine-Resistant Vehicles Lead Submarkets
1.6 US Dominates the Counter-IED Market

2. The Deadly and Persistent IED Threat
2.1 As Focus Shifted to Afghanistan, IED Attacks Have Spiked
2.2 Mine-Resistant Vehicles
2.3 Electronic Countermeasures
2.4 IED Detection Systems
2.5 Counter-IED Unmanned Systems
2.6 JIEDDO Initiative
2.6.1 JIEDDO Lines of Operation
2.6.2 JIEDDO Leadership
2.6.3 JIEDDO Thrust
2.7 NATO Counter-IED Initiative

3. Overview of the Global Counter-IED Market 2011-2021
3.1 The Market Defined
3.1.1 Mine-Resistant Vehicles
3.1.2 Electronic Countermeasures
3.1.3 Detection and Disposal Systems
3.1.4 Unmanned Systems
3.2 Demand Continues Slide from High Levels
3.2 Mine-Resistant Vehicles Lead Submarkets
3.3 Declining or Flat Demand for Submarkets
3.4 US Dominates the Counter-IED Market
3.5 Europe, India to Spend on Counter-IED Systems

4. Leading National Counter-IED Markets
4.1 US Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.2 Significant US Counter-IED Programmes: Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.2.1 MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV)
4.2.2 Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected (MRAP) Vehicles
4.2.3 Ultra-Lite MRAP
4.2.4 Medium Mine-Protected Vehicle
4.3 Significant US Counter-IED Programmes: Electronic Countermeasures
4.4 Significant US Counter-IED Programmes: Detection Systems
4.4.1 Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS)
4.4.2 Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS)
4.4.3 GPR Minehound
4.4.4 Husky-Mounted Detection System (HMDS)
4.4.5 Ground Standoff Mine Detection System (GSTAMIDS)
4.4.6 Vehicle-Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD)
4.4.7 Detect Air: Desert Owl and Copperhead
4.4.8 Self-Protection Adaptive Rollers Kit (SPARK) and Other Roller Projects
4.4.9 Sherlock
4.4.10 Gray Fox
4.4.11 Blue Fox
4.5 Significant US Counter-IED Programmes: Unmanned Systems
4.5.1 Man Transportable Robotic System (MTRS)
4.5.2 Devil Pup EOD Mini Robot
4.5.3 Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS)
4.5.4 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV)
4.5.5 Remote Ordnance Neutralization System (RONS)
4.5.6 GSTAMIDS Robotic Component
4.5.7 HMDS Scaled Down for Robot Use
4.5.8 Zionbobcat
4.5.9 Blue Devil
4.5.10 Speckles
4.5.11 Sand Dragon
4.5.12 Yellow Jacket Counter-IED VTOL UAV Demonstrator
4.6 UK Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.7 Significant UK Counter-IED Programmes
4.7.1 Talisman EOD System
4.7.2 Mastiff Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.7.3 Ridgeback Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.7.4 Wolfhound Mine-Resistant Tactical Support Vehicles
4.7.5 Husky Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.7.6 Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV)
4.7.7 Recon Scout XT
4.7.8 Dragon Runner Robots
4.7.9 T-Hawk UAVs for EOD Teams
4.8 German Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.9 Significant German Counter-IED Programmes
4.9.1 Dingo Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.9.2 German Route Clearing Package (GRCP)
4.9.3 RCIED Jammers
4.9.4 tEODor
4.9.5 PackBot
4.9.6 IED Research Centre
4.10 Australian Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.11 Significant Australian Counter-IED Programmes
4.11.1 Bushmaster Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.11.2 Loan of Husky vehicles, Buffalo from Canada
4.11.3 MV-10
4.11.4 Talon Robots
4.11.5 RCIED Jammers
4.12 French Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.13 Significant French Counter-IED Programmes
4.13.1 Souvim and Buffalo Route Clearance Vehicles
4.13.2 Aravis Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.13.3 PackBots
4.13.4 Support for RCIED Jammers
4.14 Indian Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.15 Significant Indian Counter-IED Programmes
4.15.1 MPV-I/Casspir Mk6 Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.15.2 Aditya Mine-Resistant Vehicle
4.15.3 RCIED Jammers
4.15.4 Wheelbarrow Revolution UGVs
4.15.5 Daksh UGVs
4.15.6 Airborne Ground-Penetrating Radar
4.16 Iraqi Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.17 Significant Iraqi Counter-IED Programmes
4.17.1 ILAV Mine-Resistant Vehicle
4.17.2 Symphony Jammers
4.18 Canadian Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.19 Significant Canadian Counter-IED Programmes
4.19.1 Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.19.2 Expedient Route Opening Capability (EROC) System
4.19.3 New EOD Robots
4.19.4 Remotely Operated Mechanical Explosive Clearance System (ROMECS)
4.19.5 Dragon Runner
4.19.6 tEODor
4.19.7 Mini-ROV
4.20 Israeli Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.21 Significant Israeli Counter-IED Programmes
4.21.1 Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.21.2 Nahshon UGV
4.21.3 Pincher
4.22 Italian Counter-IED Market Forecast 2011-2021
4.23 Significant Italian Counter-IED Programmes
4.23.1 Mine-Resistant Vehicles
4.23.2 MV-4 EOD Robots
4.23.3 C-27J with Counter-IED Payload

5. SWOT Analysis of the Counter-IED Market

6. Expert Opinion
6.1 NIITEK - Juan Navarro, President
6.1.1 Impact of Defence Spending Cuts on Counter-IED Market
6.1.2 Impact of Withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan on Counter-IED Systems Demand
6.1.3 Large Recent Purchases of Counter-IED Systems and Future Acquisitions
6.1.4 Counter-IED Market in Other Parts of the World
6.1.5 Leading Counter-IED Submarkets
6.1.6 Counter-IED Systems Could Become Standard Issue Equipment
6.1.7 Coping with Anti-Personnel IEDs in Afghanistan
6.1.8 Ground-Penetrating Radar for Counter-IED
6.1.9 Dealing with False Alarms in IED Detection
6.1.10 Counter-IED Submarket that Could Decline
6.1.11 Technological Advances Important for Growth of Counter-ID Market

7. Leading Companies in the Counter-IED Market
7.1 Allen Vanguard Corporation
7.2 BAE Systems Land Systems
7.3 Chemring Group Plc
7.4 Elisra
7.5 Force Protection Inc
7.6 Foster-Miller Inc
7.7 General Dynamics
7.8 iRobot Corporation
7.9 ITT Corporation (EDO)
7.10 L-3 Cyterra
7.11 Lockheed Martin
7.12 Navistar Defense
7.13 Netline Communications Technologies
7.15 Oshkosh Defense
7.16 Rheinmetall Defence
7.17 Schiebel Corporation
7.18 Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)
7.19 SRCTec
7.20 Thales Group

8. Conclusions
8.1 Key Drivers and Restraints
8.2 Global Counter-IED Market
8.3 Mine-Resistant Vehicles Still Lead Submarkets
8.4 US Dominates the Counter-IED Market

9. Glossary

Companies Listed
AAI Corporation
Allen Vanguard Corporation
Armor Holdings
AxleTech International
BAE Land Systems South Africa
BAE Systems
BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems
BAE Systems Land & Armaments LP
BAE Systems Land & Armaments LP Ground Systems Division
BAE Systems Land Systems OMC
BAE Systems Tactical Vehicle Systems Ltd (BAE-TVS)
BAE Systems Tactical Vehicles LP
BDL Systems Ltd
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
Boeing Company
Boeing Network and Tactical Systems
Centauri Solutions
Chemring EOD Ltd
Chemring Group Plc
Critical Solutions International
Defence Land Systems India (DLSI)
Dynalog India Ltd
EDO Communications and Countermeasures Systems
EDO Corporation
Elbit Systems
Elta Systems
Force Protection Europe
Force Protection Inc
Foster-Miller Inc
General Dynamics
General Dynamics Armaments and Technical Products
General Dynamics Land Systems
General Dynamics Land Systems Canada
G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems Ltd
Hawker Beechcraft
Honeywell International Inc
Integrated Survivability Technologies Limited (IST)
iRobot Corporation
iRobot Corporation Government and Industrial Robots Division
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI)
ITT Advanced Engineering and Services
ITT Corporation
ITT Force Protection Systems
JC Bamford Excavators Ltd
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KWM)
L-3 Communications Homeland Security Group
L-3 Cyterra
L-3 Security and Detection Systems
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors
Mahindra & Mahindra
ManTech International Corporation
MineWolf Systems AG
Navistar Defense
Navistar International Corporation
Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation
Neany Inc
Netline Communications Technologies
NIITEK Inc (Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology)
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northrop Grumman Space and Mission Systems, Network Communication Systems
NP Aerospace
Ocean Systems Engineering Corporation
Oshkosh Corporation
Oshkosh Defense
Pacific Security and Environmental Solutions
QinetiQ Group Plc
QinetiQ North America (QNA)
QinetiQ North America (QNA) Technology Solutions Group
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd
Raksha Polycoats Pvt Ltd
ReconRobotics Inc
Remotec Inc
Rheinmetall Canada Inc
Rheinmetall Defence
Rheinmetall Group
Ricardo Plc
Richmond EEI Ltd
Roke Manor Research Ltd
Schiebel Corporation
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)
SRI International
Stewart & Stevenson
Szenaris GmbH
Telerob GmbH
Thales Australia
Thales UK
Theta Control
URS Corporation
Vallon GmbH
WM Robots LLC

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