‘The Cyberwarfare Market Worth $15.9bn in 2012′ says visiongain Report

By Visiongain, PRNE
Monday, December 5, 2011

LONDON, December 6, 2011 -


Visiongain’s analysis indicates that the cyberwarfare market will reach a value of $15.9bn in 2012, as governments around the world continue to invest in a range of cyberwarfare systems and solutions designed to offer protection against a wide range of cyber threats including protecting information and infrastructure from hostile states, as well as non-state actors both at home and abroad.

Spending on cyberwarfare has been ring-fenced from the massive cuts being initiated in the defence sectors of a number of major markets. Despite this, sales may suffer a little, but are likely to remain relatively high, especially whilst the threat to national security posed by a successful cyber attack remains an important point of interest for both the public and private sector. The cyberwarfare market is likely to be driven by increasingly networked systems requiring increasing levels of protection from a continuing, persistent threat.  

The Cyberwarfare Market 2012-2022 report contains 103 tables, charts and figures that quantify and forecast the cyberwarfare market. Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2012-2022 in terms of value (US$) for the cyberwarfare market. In addition, the report quantifies, analyses and forecasts 15 leading national cyberwarfare markets from 2012-2022. The report provides profiles of 30 leading companies operating within the market, and includes interviews with CUBIC Cyber Solutions and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), global providers of cyber security solutions to business and governments, providing expert insight alongside Visiongain analysis.

The Cyberwarfare Market 2012-2022 report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the cyberwarfare industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the cyberwarfare market. 

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Cyberwarfare Market Overview
1.2 The Benefits of This Report
1.3 Report Structure
1.4 Report Methodology
1.5 Global Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
1.6 Leading National Cyberwarfare Market Forecasts 2012-2022

2. Introduction to the Cyberwarfare Market
2.1 What is Cyberwarfare?
2.1.1 States
2.1.2 Companies
2.1.3 Private Actors
2.2 Types of Cyber Attack
2.2.1 Disinformation, Propaganda and Vandalism
2.2.2 Cyber Espionage and Intelligence Gathering
2.2.3 Disruption of Critical Infrastructure
2.2.4 Reconnaissance
2.2.5 Remote Control
2.3 Cyber Weapons
2.3.1 Botnet
2.3.2 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
2.3.3 Logic Bomb
2.3.4 Other Malicious Software
2.4 Cyber Defences
2.4.1 Firewalls
2.4.2 Intrusion Detection Systems
2.4.3 Network Access Controls
2.4.4 Virtual Private Network (VPN)
2.4.5 Vulnerability Scanners
2.4.6 Non-Public Networks
2.5 Cyber Attacks
2.5.1 List of Notable Cyber Attacks Estonia 2007 Operation Orchard 2007 Georgia 2008 Pentagon 2008 Operation Aurora 2009 Chinese Diversion of Internet Traffic 2010 Suxnet 2010 Duqu 2011 RSA 2011 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2011
2.5.2 Other Notable Cyber Attacks Against Government and Defence Organisations in 2011

3. The Global Cyberwarfare Market
3.1 The Global Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
3.2 US Dominates Global Cyberwarfare Market
3.3 Leading National Cyberwarfare Markets Share 2012-2022
3.4 Fastest Growing Cyberwarfare Markets

4. Leading National Cyberwarfare Markets
4.1 US Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.1.1 Selected US Cyberwarfare Budgets FY2012
4.1.2 Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI)
4.1.4 National Security Agency (NSA) Perfect Citizen
4.1.5 Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
4.1.6 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Cyber Security Center National Protection and Programs Directorate Office of Cyber Security and Communications Einstein Cyberstorm III Cyber Atlantic 2011
4.1.7 Major US Cyberwarfare Contracting Activity Major US Civilian Agency Cyberwarfare Contracting Activity Major US Military Cyberwarfare Contracting Activity
4.2 Chinese Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.2.1 Chinese Cyberwarfare Organisations
4.2.2 Great Firewall
4.2.3 Internet Re-routing
4.2.4 Operation Aurora
4.2.5 New Government Regulations
4.2.6 Attacks in India
4.3 UK National Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.3.1 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR)
4.3.2 UK Cyber Security Strategy
4.3.3 GCHQ UK Cyber Security Operations Centre
4.3.4 Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance
4.3.5 Joint Services Protocol 440
4.4 Russian Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.4.1 Estonia Attack 2007
4.4.2 Georgia Attack 2008
4.4.3 Russian Cybercrime Organisations
4.5 Israeli Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.5.1 Tehila Department
4.5.2 Gilad Team
4.5.3 Unit 8200
4.5.4 National Cyber Directorate
4.6 French Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.6.1 The French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI)
4.7 Japanese Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.7.1 National Information Security Centre (NISC)
4.8 Indian Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.8.1 Response to GhostNet
4.8.2 National Cyber Security Policy
4.9 German Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.9.1 Strategic Reconnaissance Command
4.9.2 Federal Office for Information Security
4.9.3 German Cyber Defence Centre
4.10 South Korean Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.10.1 South Korean Cyberwarfare Command
4.10.2 South Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)
4.10.3 Theft of Plan 5027
4.11 Canadian Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.11.1 The Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC)
4.11.2 The Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre
4.12 Australian Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.12.1 Restructuring Australian Cybersecurity
4.13 Italian Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.13.1 National Anti-Crime Computer Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CNAIPIC)
4.13.2 CERT-SPC
4.14 Pakistani Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.14.1 National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes (NR3C)
4.15 Norwegian Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022
4.15.1 NorCERT
4.16 Rest of the World Cyberwarfare Market Forecast 2012-2022

5. SWOT Analysis of the Cyberwarfare Market
5.1 Strengths
5.1.1 Increasing Demand for Cyber-Security Products
5.1.2 Growing Threat of Cyber Attack
5.1.3 Greater Awareness of Consequences
5.1.4 Rapid Technological Development
5.2 Weaknesses
5.2.1 Delays in Developing National Cyber Strategies
5.2.2 Delays in Developing Skills
5.2.3 Complacent Attitudes to Information Security
5.2.4 Perception of Exaggerated Cyber Threats
5.2.5 Global Economic Outlook
5.3 Opportunities
5.3.1 Growth in Government Cyber Budgets
5.3.2 Changing Threats Drive Innovation
5.3.3 Proliferation of Cyberwarfare Capabilities
5.3.4 Opportunities for Established Commercial Solutions
5.4 Threats
5.4.1 Limited Budgets and Infrastructure in Less-Developed Countries
5.4.2 Difficulties in Establishing Cyber Agencies
5.4.3 Delays in Uptake While Products Mature
5.4.4 Cyber Attacks on Industry
5.4.5 Market Consolidation

6. Expert Opinion
6.1 Tom Richards, Vice President Business Development, CUBIC Cyber Solutions
6.1.1 The Role of CUBIC Cyber Solutions in Cyber Security
6.1.2 Increased Networking Drives Market for Cyber Defence
6.1.3 Government vs. Commercial Markets
6.1.4 Role of Private Companies in National Cyber Defence is Key
6.2 Bob Giesler, Cybersecurity Director, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
6.2.1 Role at SAIC
6.2.2 Cyber Security Portfolio
6.2.3 Cyber Focus
6.2.4 SAIC’s Cyber Customers
6.2.5 Contract Attainment
6.2.6 SAIC’s Focus Within Cyber Markets
6.2.7 Important Cyber Trends
6.2.8 Cyber Challenges Facing Vendors
6.2.9 Cyber Security Growth Within National Markets
6.2.10 US Cyber Security Market Perception
6.2.11 Cyber Spending Within Economies
6.2.12 Public and Private Roles in Infrastructure Protection
6.2.13 SAIC and McAfee Strategic Partnership

7. Leading Companies in the Cyberwarfare Market
7.1 BAE Systems
7.2 Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS)
7.3 Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
7.4 CUBIC Corporation
7.5 Computer Science Corporation (CSC)
7.6 EADS Group
7.7 EMC Corporation
7.8 F-Secure Corporation
7.9 General Dynamics Corporation
7.10 Harris Corporation
7.11 Honeywell Inc.
7.12 Hewlett Packard (HP)
7.13 International Business Machine (IBM)
7.14 Kaspersky Lab
7.15 KEYW Corporation
7.16 Kratos Defense and Security Solutions Inc.
7.17 L-3 Communications
7.18 Lockheed Martin Corporation
7.19 ManTech International Corporation
7.20 MEI Technologies
7.21 McAfee Inc
7.22 Microsoft
7.23 Northrop Grumman Corporation
7.24 Raytheon Company
7.25 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
7.26 Sotera Defense Solutions
7.27 Spirent Communications
7.28 Symantec Corporation
7.29 Telecommunications Systems Inc. (TCS)
7.30 Thales Group

8. Conclusions
8.1 Global Demand in the Cyberwarfare Market
8.2 Drivers of Growth in the Global Cyberwarfare Market
8.2.1 Growing Threat of Cyber Attack
8.2.2 Rapid Innovation and Technological Developments
8.2.3 Protected Cyberwarfare Budgets
8.2.4 Increased Networking in Vital Systems
8.3 Restraints on Growth in the Global Cyberwarfare Market
8.3.1 Delays in Establishing Cyberwarfare Infrastructure
8.3.2 Market Consolidation
8.3.3 Delayed Uptake of New Technologies
8.4 National Cyberwarfare Market Forecasts 2012-2022

9. Glossary

Companies Listed

Adventium Enterprise LLC
Applied Signal Technologies
ArcSight Inc
Argon ST
BAE Systems
BAE Systems Information Solutions
Boeing Cyber and Information Solutions Division
Boeing Defence, Space and Security (BDS)
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc
BT Yahoo
CA Technologies
Camber Corporation
China Telecom
Clearwell Systems
CloudShield Technologies inc
Command Information
Computer Science Corporation (CSC)
Cosentini Associates
CUBIC Corporation
CUBIC Cyber Solutions Inc
CUBIC Defence Applications Inc
Detica Ltd
EADS Group
EADS North America DS3
EMC Corporation
Everest Technology Solutions
Federated Software Group
Forbes Analytic Solutions
Fox Broadcasting Company
F-Secure Corporation
General Dynamics Corporation
Georgia Tech Applied Research
Global Defence Technologies & Systems Inc (GTEC)
Harris Corporation
Harris Cyber Integrated Solutions
Harris Integrated Network Solutions
HBGary Federal
Hewlett Packard (HP)
Honeywell Inc
IDC China Telecommunication
Intel Corporation
International Business Machine (IBM)
JKA Technologies
Johnson Controls
Juniper Networks
Kaspersky Lab
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd
KEYW Corporation
Kratos Defense and Security Solutions
KS Communications Co.
L-3 Communications
Lockheed Martin Corporation
MAD Security
ManTech Cyber Solutions International Inc
ManTech International
McAfee inc
MEI Technologies Inc
Merlin International
Microsoft Defence Solutions
Microsoft Government Solutions
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd
NetWitness Corporation
Network Connectivity Solutions
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Pangia Technologies
Paradigm Holdings
PGP Corporation
Providence Equity
QinetiQ North America
QinetiQ North America Security & Intelligence
Raytheon Company
Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions
Raytheon UK
RSA Security LLC
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
SecureInfo Corporation
Sensor Technologies
Signature Consultants LLC
Signature Government Solutions
Software Process Technologies (SPT)
Sotera Defense Solutions
Spirent Communications
SRA International
SRI International
Stratsec.net Pty Ltd
Sycamore US
Symantec Corporation
Tapestry Solutions Inc
Telecommunication Systems Inc (TSC)
Thales Group
The Analysis Group (TAG)
Trusted Computer Solutions
Tulip Systems inc
TWD & Associates
VeriSign Inc
Voice of America
Worldwide Information Network Services (WINS)
Zytel Corporation

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