The Pre-Auction Show of CF Art Group’s Project "A MASTERPIECE AND A COLLECTOR" Bares the Modern Art’s Contradictions and Guarantees the Auction Price of Approximately $1,000,000 USD

By Cf Art Group, PRNE
Monday, September 19, 2011

ST PETERSBURG, Russia, September 20, 2011 -

The 12-kg authored gold bullion that the artists of CF Art Group presented in their new project “A MASTERPIECE AND A COLLECTOR: THE ENDURING STORY” premiering at the Manege in St. Petersburg costs approximately $1,000,000 USD.

The project evoked the immense interest of the art community and became the subject of active discussions and debates. The artist ponders the condition of the Modern Art and the gradual evolution of the Collector who is turning into the Investor in the modern society.

«Today, the artistic value of a work and the rating of its artist are determined by the price for which this piece has been auctioned off,” reflects Denis Saunin.

‘The auction price, in turn, is affected by marketing campaigns, PR and various tricks that are quite departed from the creative process. When the modern Collector buys a work of art, he hopes that it will go up in price and fears that the author might go out of vogue and then the work would be devaluated. The symbol of our time is THE GOLDEN MASTERPIECE, the authored bullion weighing 12 kilos that has a guaranteed auction price even with the genius of the author left out of consideration».

The pre-auction demonstration of the project started at the CF Art Group website.

During the show the authors will be calculating the daily guaranteed auction price of the GOLDEN MASTERPIECE based on the fluctuations of the international gold rates; they will also contemplate on its true artistic value.

About The CF Art Group

CF Art Group is an innovative modern art project launched by Denis Saunin and Georgiy Mamin. The authors’ works are known for the unorthodox approaches to them as well as the conceptual solutions adding new aspects to the seemingly routine subjects.

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