The UK's Most Exciting new Teen Pop Artist, 12-year-old Tallia Storm, is one to Watch in 2011

By Hartmann Media Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, December 5, 2010

GLASGOW, Scotland, December 6, 2010 - As the teen pop phenomenon dominated by the US continues to make waves
with Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, we could just be heralding a
new era - step forward Tallia Storm! Could it be that the new 12-year-old
singing talent from Scotland is paving a very exciting career to rival some
of Disney's biggest stars? Who knows? But if the MySpace reaction is anything
to go by, the UK may have just found themselves a serious new talent!

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The signs were apparent after her management company posted 3 tracks on
her MySpace page mid November. In just over 3 weeks she received over 119,000
hits and over 50,000 plays of the catchy and infectious track 'Gotchya', set
to appear in an upcoming animated film next year, 'Sir Billi'.

The unsigned 12-year-old Scottish teen is an utterly unique talent. The
room radiates as this big voice exudes from the speakers, with an R&B groove
that belies her age. With a cheeky signature, reminiscent to that from the
Motown era, the Tallia Storm vocal will pull you in all the right directions.
Her tracks range from the Americanized pop templates that send your toes
tapping, with the super catchy imperative chorus, to great dance floor

Discovered whilst singing a demo as a session singer, she has already
recorded 6 tracks, produced in Scotland and New York with industry
heavy-weights, which are set to appear on her debut album.

The charismatic and quirky teen has an infectious personality and is
inspired by all things musical. Her father taught her to read music at an
early age, which has already had a huge impact on her recordings. She plays
the flute and has begun to write lyrics, keeping them 'hidden' in her
flamingo book. (She counts 'flamingos' as her lucky charms!)

She has already performed across Scotland where Clyde 1 FM DJ Gavin
Pearson said she was 'a little lady with a seriously big voice who was
undoubtedly going to go a long way'.

Her website launched this week and the MySpace counts are still on the
up. So, if you are looking for a musical ray of sunshine, check out Tallia
Storm. We can be rest assured this young lady is one to watch in 2011!

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