Too Many People are Using the Wrong Type of Paint, Brushes and Rollers, Says Trades Supermarket

By Trades Supermarket, PRNE
Sunday, May 15, 2011

LONDON, May 16, 2011 - According to a recent survey by B&Q, painting was the home
improvement job of choice for women (41 per cent) over Easter weekend but it
was likely many DIYers were using the wrong type of paint, rollers or paint
brushes, says shopping and comparison website,

Another poll conducted by Homebase found that one in 10 women
have had a disaster whilst painting and the project most likely to cause
problems is painting or decorating. Celebrity DIY expert Tommy Walsh
(, from Trades
Supermarket, attributes most of these difficulties to buying the wrong type
of paint for the particular surface or environment, using the wrong
application technique and tools or buying cheap paint, rollers or brushes.

Tommy explains: "Many people think that emulsion is for walls and
gloss paint should be used on wood surfaces, such as door frames, but there
is a bit more to think about including practicalities of the room and
personal preference on the finish.

"Shinier emulsion paints such as Vinyl Silk or Satin reflect the
light and show up imperfections very easily so I'd suggest using Vinyl Matt
in older houses. However, a Satin paint's soft-sheen finish can be lightly
wiped, perfect for getting rid of children's finger marks, and Silk is very
durable so it's most suited to kitchens ( and bathrooms where you
will find a lot of moisture in the air."

Using the incorrect brush, pad or roller is also extremely
common. One big mistake made when cutting in to the skirting or ceiling is
using a small brush when a wider one will cover the area quicker and more
smoothly, meaning you need a steady hand for less time. Pad applicators can
be used further into corners and spattering is avoided with this method as
the pad sits flat to the surface. If you prefer to roller, choose one with a
suitable nap length for the surface; the rougher it is, the longer the nap
should be - a three eighths or one quarter inch nap roller cover should be
suitable for most interior walls.

Another big mistake people make is not cleaning the surface
first. Tommy continues: "If you don't give your surface a quick clean, dirt,
fluff and hair gets mixed into the fresh paint, and using a cheap brush that
sheds its bristles will make a terrible finish even worse. Good quality
brushes, rollers or pads make a real difference and rollers with cardboard
tubes soon get soggy and start to come apart. As with many things, spend a
little more to get the best value; cheap paint isn't so cheap after you've
done three or four coats."

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