TP-Link Report Unveils State of Connectivity Across the Nation

By Tp-link, PRNE
Thursday, December 8, 2011

LONDON, December 9, 2011 -

The Connectivity Report commissioned by TP-LINK, global provider of SOHO and SMB networking products, has revealed that 51% of Brits would like faster broadband although 32% of the same sample couldn’t actually recall their broadband speed.

Key results from TheTP-LINK  Connectivity Report:

  • The highest volume of respondents (31%) confirmed that their ISP package was for up to 10MB download speed only
  • 59% of respondents don’t know their router’s speed
  • Three quarters (77%) of the sample are not satisfied with their current broadband speed
  • The majority of women (47%) prefer a wireless network, whilst men still like the speed of wired only (34%)

The report data clearly showcases the consumer desire for a high speed internet connection but firmly highlights a lack of understanding about the products available as the main barrier to attaining it. “The reality is that so many consumers just accept the network packages offered by their ISP and don’t understand how limiting some of the offers can be. Optimising your network to achieve better results is so simple and this is why we at TP-LINK believe it’s up to us and the wider networking industry to assist consumers in this education journey” said Eric Wang, UK Country Manager, TP-LINK UK Ltd.

On average, the report showed that, 4.6 devices are connected to any UK household network at any time. Devices named include tablets, smartphones, games consoles and printers.

With the growth of the device market and the increasing need for wireless devices the TP-LINK report aimed to examine the knowledge base of British consumers towards their broadband services and how they utilise the products available to them. The results have demonstrated a disconnect between consumers desire for high-speed broadband and the know-how required to achieve it.

Festive gifts

Over a third (37%) of the report respondents will use the internet for product browsing and research ahead of this Christmas however only 3% will actually use it to make a purchase. Users are opting for a more social side of the festive season with 46% using their internet connection to interact with friends or family via email, Skype and Facebook.

Although online purchasing is low for Christmas 2011, technology products are high on the purchase agenda for all.

    MEN                                    WOMEN
    1. Laptops (27%)                1. Tablets (32%)
    2. Tablets (24%)                 2. Laptops (24%)
    3. Internet TV (14%)          3. Smartphones (15%)


“This research serves to underline the importance of the connected home.  On average with people accessing the internet via 4 devices at any one time, having a robust home network has never been more important.  Recognising that many consumers have no previous networking experience, TP-LINK has developed a wide range of complementary networking products that are easy to deploy, robust and provide maximum security, making the online experience safe, secure and reliable” commented Eric Wang, UK Country Manager, TP-LINK UK Ltd.

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