New Nigerian Media Platform Seeks to Promote Public Interest Journalism

By Civic Media Institute Of Nigeria, PRNE
Thursday, December 8, 2011

ABUJA, Nigeria, December 9, 2011 -

Faced with ongoing challenges of self-censorship, poor quality information, and political agenda dominating the news industry in Nigeria, the founders of Nigeria Intel are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new platform that will seek to promote high quality, independent journalism in the public interest.

“There is clearly a high level of talent among Nigerian journalists, and a number of high quality publications, but what we are trying to accomplish is an alternative business model, whereby the advertising and editorial pressure during future election cycles will not impact the quality of the product,” said Executive Editor Salisu Suleiman, who previously served a ten-year term as an Information Officer of the Federal Government of Nigeria.  ”The non-profit model for Nigeria Intel is based upon private donations, public non-governmental grants, and online advertising revenue that is 100% applied to our operation costs, staff, and freelance contributors - in other words, the more successful the platform becomes, the more content we will be able to commission from independent journalists, creating a multiplier effect that encourages the development of the profession.”

Although the project may be in its infancy stages, there are lofty goals for collaboration with some of the country’s leading thinkers, says Mohammed Salihu, Managing Editor of Nigeria Intel.  “Our goal is to attract reform-minded journalists by offering a fresh perspective on the most crucial issues having an impact on Nigerian citizens,” said Mr. Salihu.  “When we talk about ‘journalism in the public interest,’ we want to go far beyond simple punditry to offer facts, details, and high quality credible news, which we view as the building blocks for transparency, democracy, and better accountability of governance.”

Nigeria Intel, which can be found online at, is a project of the Civic Media Institute of Nigeria, a small multinational organization founded in September 2011 to assist Nigerian journalists in accessing professional training opportunities, providing a platform for freelancers to publish investigative journalism, and contributing to the diversity of the media offering to Nigerian and international audiences.

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