More British Couples Booking Group Holidays

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ROMFORD, England, April 27, 2011 - A recent travel survey has revealed that more British couples are opting
to book group holidays with family and friends rather than traditional
couples' holidays, say

A new travel study has found that the number of British couples choosing
to go on holiday by themselves has fallen by 7% in the last year, while
family and group holiday bookings have grown by 12%. The survey, which
questioned 1,726 people in relationships in the UK has revealed the start of
a new holiday trend for 2011, say (

Luke Nathan of says: "This poll has found that more
British couples are choosing to holiday with the people closest to them, such
as family and friends, with 32% of respondents saying that they would be
going on holiday with their family and their partner. A further 26% stated
that they were going on holiday with friends and their other half, which
compared to just 16% of respondents saying that they are going on holiday
with 'just my partner' shows that more people are shunning traditional
couples' holidays and opting to make their trip more of a social affair."

The survey also revealed that some couples are planning on having
holidays away from their partner, with 14% saying that they were going on
holiday with just friends, and 6% admitting that they were going on holiday
with members of their family and not their partner. For those that were going
on holiday with their spouse and a group of friends, money was one of the
reasons for this decision, with 24% saying that they had paid a lot less
booking a holiday as a group rather than as a couple, with all-inclusive
holidays to Sharm el Sheikh ( and other
popular destinations being a major source of savings. This is compared to 11%
who said that they were holidaying with their family because that's what they

Nathan continues: "The results of this survey are very surprising,
because a lot of people assume that going on holiday with your partner is a
very popular thing to do these days. However this study shows that the
reality is very different for some people, and factors such as cost, and
their partner's availability, show that some travellers either can't or don't
want to go on holiday with their other half. There are so many holidays
available for everyone, and Travelsoon's holidays in Tenerife ( are great for couples,
families and friends."

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