Update from LUBREK: British Petroleum Americas’ and Castrol Mexico’s top Executives Face Criminal Investigation for Possible Fraud in Mexico

By Lubrek, PRNE
Sunday, December 11, 2011

MONTEREY, Mexico, December 12, 2011 -

Following the breach of Castrol Mexico of Temporary Restraining orders from a Judge and after filing for arbitration for alleging that Castrol Mexico illegally terminated its distributor relation, on September 2, 2011 legal representatives for LUBREK, (CASTROL MEXICO’S distributor for the Northern part of the Country), filed for a criminal investigation for possible fraud and damages.

LUBREK claims that several actions involving top executives for CASTROL MEXICO, were intending to deceit LUBREK and illegally cancel their distributorship.

Some of these alleged actions include:

  1. Castrol Mexico’s continuous omission in the proper registration of LUBREK payments.
  2. Castrol Mexico’s denial of product delivery, making the operation impossible for LUBREK.
  3. Failed promises from Castrol Mexico’s executives regarding the delivery of product if LUBREK were to pay certain amounts not agreed in the contract.
  4. Failed promises from a BP Americas’ executive to intervene so as to make Castrol Mexico comply with its contractual obligations.
  5. Forcing LUBREK to clear all its withstanding balance with the promise of releasing product, only to end the relation.

In the following days, authorities in Mexico will determine if the evidence provided by LUBREK is enough to constitute proof of a crime.

Octavio Ochoa
Legal Representative


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