Whiskey Master Issues Global Challenge - Can You 'Make it at Bushmills'?

By Bushmills, PRNE
Sunday, March 14, 2010

BUSHMILLS VILLAGE, Ireland, March 15, 2010 - This year the Bushmills Master Distiller Colum Egan has taken the
unprecedented step of offering to share his unique life in Bushmills for 30
days. This global opportunity will see one person spend 30 days at the heart
of the area and community that was granted a licence to distil in 1608.

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If they can prove to Colum that they have captured the special Bushmills
way of life and 'Make it at Bushmills,' then at the end of their 30 days,
they will get to be the first ever person outside of the distillery to create
their own blend of Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Ireland's north coast the winner
will get to experience the best of Bushmills for those 30 days, from the
secrets of making the finest Irish whiskey to discovering the unique
personality and sense of adventure that are an integral part of the Bushmills

Colum Egan said today: "This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to
come to the home of Bushmills Irish Whiskey and get a truly unique experience
of what goes on here. It's a special place filled with special people - we
want to show them the very best of what Bushmills and the north coast of
Ireland has to offer.

"Over the past 400 years we've learned a lot about making great whiskey
and a lot about enjoying it! That's something we want to share, from learning
how to select the perfect mature whiskey, to learning the best way to catch a
good salmon…or even one of our world-famous waves! It's all part of the
Bushmills way of life. If someone can prove to us that they have what it
takes to 'Make it at Bushmills' then we'd be delighted to let them be the
first person outside of the distillery to work alongside me to create their
own special blend of Bushmills Irish Whiskey - hopefully it's not too good
because I like my job too much!"

The global search for someone to 'Make it at Bushmills' will give millions
of people the chance to apply online through the Bushmills Facebook page.
People in participating countries will compete to win a place at Bushcamp,
where each of the country winners will try to prove that they have what it
takes to be the global winner of the 'Make it at Bushmills' challenge.

For the winner of Bushcamp, there are the added attractions of a 30 day trip
in Ireland for two, luxury penthouse accommodation and GBP5,000 spending
money. T&C's apply.

Do you have what it takes to 'Make it at Bushmills'? Then enter at

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