Touch The Hearts of Thousands This Valentine's Weekend With Their Mass Video Coverage

Sunday, February 13, 2011

UK Video Website Defy Realism and Send Over 100 Video Reporters Around the Country Collecting Messages of Love

LONDON, February 14, 2011 -, the UK's no. 1 video website, once again turned many heads
whilst touching thousands of hearts. After the fantastic success of their
mass video coverage of the Notting Hill Carnival last summer, WinkBall
challenged logistical possibility and realistic sanity when their mass
network of video reporters channelled their efforts into a large-scale force
this Valentine's weekend.

On Friday 11th February, an extensive team of over 100 video reporters
were across the country recording video messages of love and romance for this
Valentine's weekend. Capturing the true meaning of love in this country,
WinkBall created a unique video portal of online romance, affection and
devotion from the good people of Britain. There were marriage proposals (and,
happily, acceptances!), onscreen kisses, songs, tributes and thousands upon
thousands of words from those touched by the spirit of Valentine's. All video
messages were hosted on one singular video mega-wall that created a distinct
and intimate picture of romance in the UK The
people of Britain were given an exciting video platform to express their love
and devotion for that special person in their life and WinkBall captured the
love through the emotional power of video.

Some say it with a card, a gift, chocolates or the inevitable flowers;
WinkBall however gave the public to share their love with a wink. With this
video wall of love, WinkBall have confirmed that the power of love is not
just a curious thing, but an emotion that has found life in the online world
and has been given a video voice for the 21st century.

The sheer success and achievement of WinkBall on this Valentine's flash
mob day was breath-taking; in 24 hours, over 100 video reporters recorded
well over 10,000 video messages. The video wall containing thousands of faces
was a unique online collage of love and is a fantastic testament to the
emotive power of video: its been called the best Valentine-themed content on
the web.

All video messages can now be seen online at And the messages keep coming, many people of
Britain continue to get online and record their message of love through their
web-cam to this ever-growing wall.

What next for May it be football, music, society or
politics - there is no doubt that WinkBall works in mass force and touches
the hearts of thousands through the emotional power of video.


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Established in London in 2005 by Dr. James Ohene-Djan and Duncan Barclay,
the WinkBall Project team has evolved to become a leading player in driving
the future development of online communication.

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