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By Soul2match, PRNE
Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soul2Match Finds Soulmates Through Facial Recognition

SAN FRANCISCO, February 11, 2011 - Imagine finding your perfect partner through a picture. Newly launched
dating site Soul2Match makes it possible. By using a computer program
calculating the odds of people being soulmates based on their facial
features, the company supplies the ultimate life companion.

The revolutionary dating tool forms a breakthrough in the world of dating
sites, improving the quality of internet dating and increasing the chances of
a successful long-term relationship.

Soul2Match analyses a thousand facial features and translates those to
personality characteristics. The analysis is based on scientific research and
the software similar to that used in major security systems. With their
revolutionary technology, Soul2Match is able to predict the compatibility of
partners and potential love interests. By uploading a photo, clients create a
worldwide database. They can then simply order the computer to use that
database to find them a soulmate. Only when a match is found, a small fee is
paid for contact details. Everything else is free, making the service much
less expensive than other dating sites.

Soul2Match was founded by four enthusiastic young Europeans who recently
settled in Silicon Valley near San Francisco, not accidentally the home of
Apple and Facebook. "We match faces, or really what's behind the faces,"
explains Soul2match-spokesperson Linda van Liempt. "Specifically, people's
characteristics and emotions, thus matching seekers of successful and
long-term relationships. It may sound like a cliche, but a face betrays all
kind of characteristics we find ourselves attracted to. It's just that
mankind got rid of these gut feelings."

The next step? Making the flirting application available for cell phones,
thus allowing people to take someone's picture and immediately find their
compatibility. Van Liempt: "When meeting someone at a bar, one can
immediately find out whether a match is likely and avoid being turned down
later. At the same time, they already have an interesting conversation

To find out more, please visit or watch the 60
second demo

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