World Finance Future 50, 2010

By World Finance, PRNE
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LONDON, June 24, 2010 - The key to a successful and sustainable market is consistency and
stability. This can only be found by allowing markets to find their own
grounding point, their own levels amongst international machinations.

Stimulus and prosperity are at the heart of the World Finance Future 50.
As industries return to a steady ascent among many of the emerging and larger
market economies, the editorial board decided to research and testify for
those up and coming institutions who have helped to reshape markets, redefine
stock policy and distribution, and help trading return to an equitable

The board selected the list based on several key factors, amongst which
were: a commitment to high growth; leadership within their chosen industry;
and their perceived ability to justify a larger share of the market in the
months and years to come.

    1    Aban Offshore Ltd
    2    America Movil
    3    Lenovo Group
    4    MSCI
    5    Vextec
    6    Vita Genomics
    7    Research In Motion
    8    WorleyParsons
    9    Algotech
    10   Navita Systems
    11   British Virgin Islands International Finance Centre
    12   Japti
    13   Arshiya International Limited
    14   International Business Wales
    15   Mobiserve Holding
    16   Infosys
    17   Kosmetik Chile
    18   Turk Telekom
    19   Cemex
    20   Posco
    21   Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings
    22   MISC Berhad
    23   Sasol
    24   Localiza rent a car
    25   TOTVS S.A.
    26   Curiox Biosystems
    27   Eclerx Services
    28   Polaris Software Lab
    29   TEXON Recruitment
    30   Multiplan
    31   Ripley Corp
    32   Embraer
    33   Mexichem
    34   Marcopolo SA
    35   Suek
    36   Trimex Group
    37   Boodai Corporation
    38   Asiana
    39   e o Networks
    40   Novaled
    41   Snom Technology
    42   Nav n Go
    43   Orascom Construction
    44   EL Forge
    45   Moldova Agroindbank
    46   ITCE
    47   VIP Commercial Services
    48   Alpargatas SAIC
    49   Sopraval
    50   Metalurgica Duque

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