Progenika Biopharma Grants Grifols World-Wide Distribution Rights for the BLOODCHIP(R) Genotyping Test for Blood Donors

By Grifols Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spanish biotechnology company Progenika Biopharma is a pioneer in the development of molecular biology tests for blood transfusion compatibility.

BARCELONA, Spain, June 24, 2010 - Spanish biotechnology company Progenika Biopharma, specializing in the
development of personal medicine technology, has granted Grifols exclusive
world-wide distribution rights for its BLOODCHIP(R) molecular biology
products. BLOODCHIP(R) products are used for genotyping of blood donors to
assure the compatibility of blood for transfusion between donor and

Under this agreement, Grifols takes a further step towards the
consolidation of its Diagnostic division, expanding its range of products at
the leading edge of immunohematology technology. In addition, Grifols'
presence in more than 90 countries will global distribution of the
BLOODCHIP(R) product line. Likewise, the international presence of Grifols in
more than 90 countries through the 22 Grifols' affiliates assures effective
global distribution of the test.

The new product line is expected to generate revenues of between euro 50
and euro 100 million
over the next 5 years. Although the use of molecular
biology tests in transfusion compatibility is still at its early stages, its
use is expected to become more widespread as a result of the hemovigilance
and transfusion safety plans being introduced in many countries.

Victor Grifols, President and CEO of Grifols stated: "This agreement will
allow us to strengthen our Diagnostic Division and consolidate our global
position in the field of blood grouping with a new innovative tool that
increases transfusion safety." For his part, Antonio Martinez, CEO of
Progenika, noted that, "This distribution agreement ensures that our products
will be properly marketed, and allows us to focus on the development of new
diagnostic and therapeutic tools that improve quality of life."

About the BLOODCHIP(R) test

BLOODCHIP(R) is an integrated circuit that determines the main allelic
variants of blood groups and platelet antigens by analyzing 128 genetic
polymorphisms. The test is used to prevent potential transfusion reactions in
those patients for whom conventional serological tests are insufficient.

The BLOODCHIP(R) test already holds a CE mark for marketing in Europe and
has been developed by the Bloodgen Consortium, a leading European group
consisting of blood banks, research institutes and Progenika Biopharma, SA.,
whose mission is to improve patient safety and transfusion compatibility by
blood group and genotype.

About Grifols

Grifols is a Spanish holding company, specializing in the
hospital-pharmaceutical sector, and with a presence in over 90 countries.
Since May 2006 it has been listed on the Spanish Continuous Market, and since
2008 it has been included in the Ibex-35. It focuses on the research,
development, manufacture and marketing of plasma products, diagnostic
systems, intravenous therapies, enteral nutrition and medical supplies. In
recent years Grifols has made significant investments in the area of
transfusionmedicine to ensure the strategic and technological position of the
company in this area.

About Progenika

Progenika, a Spanish company which specializes in personalized medicine.,
develops DNA biochips for the diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of response
to treatment of complex human illnesses. Progenika offers DNA based tests in
areas such as: oncology, the lipids, Nervous System diseases or the
optimization of its treatments. Among its out-standing products, in addition
to the BLOODchip, they find the LIPOchip, PHARMAchip, Promonitor, BRAINchip.
Progenika was founded in 2000. Its development and production centers are
located in the Zamudio Technology Park (in Spain) and in Cambridge
(Massachusetts, USA), and it has commercial and intellectual property
management offices in Madrid and London. Over 140 scientists are currently
employed by the company, which products are commercialized in America, Europe
and Middle East.

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