World’s Most Expensive Fuel

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LONDON, June 29, 2011 -


Rejoice! The world’s most expensive unleaded fuel is ‘not’ sold
in the United Kingdom. So let’s relax, thank our lucky stars, and
spare a thought for our long-suffering foreign neighbours. When
Londoners, for example, paid £1.35 per-litre in January 2011 -
their equivalents in Amsterdam were paying £1.36. This included an
alarming 44% government duty plus 16% VAT. That must have
stressed-out even the most relaxed Dutchman.

Motorists might have thought that popping to Brussels could save
them money, but the price there was a wallet-wrecking £1.39
per-litre. It was the same horrifying sum in Stockholm. However,
that sounds ‘cheap as chips’ compared to Copenhagen. Here the
Danish bitterly coughed-up £1.43 per-litre and in Monaco it was
£1.44 - but then they can afford it.

Now prepare for a shock. Residents of Oslo paid a teeth shattering
£1.58 per-litre in January. Prices were even more crippling in
Asmara, as African motorists paid a virtually unbelievable £1.64

Chris Green, Co-Founder and Sales Director of
comments: “Despite the fact that fuel in Britain is cheaper than
some other counties, many UK motorists are feeling the pinch.
Earlier this week, an RAC survey highlighted the fact that
motorists are cutting back on family journeys due to rising fuel

“It is not surprising that we are seeing a growing trend of
motorists downsizing their vehicles to purchase more fuel efficient
and cheaper cars to run. New cars are becoming more economical and
many of them are achieving 80 mpg - even mainstream family cars
regularly average more than 65mpg. And as an added bonus, some of
these fuel efficient vehicles qualify for free road tax because
they have low CO2 emissions.

“So my advice to motorists is that if they are looking to buy a
car, make sure they do their research on the MPG, CO2 emissions and
running costs. A car might look like a good deal on price, but if
it is costly to run, it will hit motorist’s pocket hard.” has put together the top 5 most economical new cars
available in Britain:

  • Smart Fortwo CDi - 85.6mpg and emits 86g/km CO2. The Smart
    Fortwo cdi diesel is the most economical new car on sale in
    Britain. However, it only seats two people, but if you want the
    best MPG - this is the car for you!
  • Toyota Prius -72.4mpg and emits 89g/km CO2. The greenest
    Toyota Prius is the entry-level T3 trim.
  • Toyota Auris Hybrid - 74.3mpg and 89g/km CO2. The Toyota
    Auris HSD is a British-built alternative to the Toyota Prius - it
    is better on fuel economy in town than the Toyota Prius.
  • Skoda Fabia Greenline - 83.1mpg and 89g/km CO2. This
    Skoda is the greenest supermini on sale
  • Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion - 80.7mpg and 91g/km CO2.
    Volkswagen’s Polo BlueMotion uses the same 1.2 TDI diesel engine as
    the Skoda Fabia Greenline. However, it is not as ecomonical as the
    Skoda, but does make the top five for fuel efficiency. is UK’s largest motoring website for new car
search, with over 150,000 new and used vehicles for sale. does not allow new car broker advertising.

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