Xpress Money Loyalty Card - ‘Priceless’ Gains Momentum With Customers

By Xpress Money, PRNE
Saturday, September 3, 2011

ABU DHABI, UAE, September 4, 2011 -

Xpress Money launched their loyalty program - Priceless, in the Middle East amidst great pomp and ceremony. Since its launch in May 2011 the loyalty card with all its multiple benefits has become very popular with their customers with over 60,000 cards in the market today. Each card has a unique 12 digit number and stores all the customer’s beneficiary details reducing transaction turn-around-time by 70%. Customers have the added convenience of editing beneficiary details as and when they require, keeping all the information up to date.

Like most loyalty programs, Priceless, works on a points based system. For every transaction a customer earns 5 points, the more number of points the customer earns the more cost benefits and cash back programs are available to them, this is apart from an enhanced chance to win in the regular draws and promotions Xpress Money conducts.  

Vinesh Nair, Head - Marketing for Xpress Money, said, “Priceless is a fantastic customer engagement tool, the multiple benefits combined with the convenience it provides make’s the process of transaction stress free and simple. On an average we distribute over 750 cards everyday and the demand just keeps rising.”

There is a special promotion tied with Priceless during the holy month of Ramadan;  not only do new customers who sign up for the Priceless card get the Priceless Welcome Kit that holds a number of goodies, but they also get a Sapil perfume worth AED 50 making the Priceless card that much more attractive.

Sudhesh Giriyan, Vice President of Xpress Money Services, said, “The speed with which Priceless is being received and distributed in the Middle East market is overwhelming. It’s been a great learning for us and we are constantly working at improving the benefits the card provides our customers. We have an aggressive plan to introduce the Priceless Loyalty Program in other markets around the world by 2012.”

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