Youths Catch on to Money-Saving Schemes

By Terrys Fabrics, PRNE
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CHESTER, England, July 7, 2011 -


With new sewing and DIY trends emerging all the time one thing
has become clear and that is that the youths of today simply do not
hold the skills necessary to take part in these re-emerging

When it comes to sewing and doing DIY projects like wallpapering
and fixing furnishings it’s our grandparents that are in the know.
 The complete lack of knowledge on how to complete basic tasks
around the house is perhaps one of the biggest ways we are losing
money in our households.  As a nation we spend a great deal of
money on tasks which we could easily complete ourselves with basic

Staff at Terrys
Fabrics, however, believe all is not lost as the youths of
today have come over all creative, learning basic skills in sewing
and knitting. The Director, Paul McGuinness, comments:

“We have noticed an increasing number of grandparents, and
grandmothers in particular bringing their grandchildren into our
stores to choose fabrics and threads for sewing projects.  We
already know that many grandparents have taken on the role of carer
while their own children are at work and especially with after
school and nursery care being so expensive.

“Learning a skill such as sewing fulfills two roles really - the
first is that their grandchildren will be more self-sufficient in
the future than their own parents and second that it is a really
enjoyable way to spend time together, helping to keep the children

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