Updated Statement Beko Response to Fridge Freezer Safety Issue

By Beko, PRNE
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LONDON, July 7, 2011 -

We deeply regret any instance involving any Beko product and we
are doing all we can to address these issues.  Additionally,
we apologise for the frustrations people have experienced trying to
reach us.

Since the issue of the fridge freezer became high profile, we
have increased our call centre capacity by twenty times and have
dedicated additional staff to respond to email enquiries.  We
will have three call centres operating on Saturday and Sunday.
 We have also increased our capacity to perform modifications
by five times and have plans to increase even further.  We
have already spoken directly with tens of thousands of consumers.

Additionally, consumers can now check online if they have an
affected product and submit their contact information.  We
will then schedule an appointment.  There is no need to
contact the call centre again and we ask that consumers please bear
with us as we attempt to get back to them.  Please visit our
website www.beko.co.uk
for more details.

Over 500,000 of these products have been sold, and most have
been safely in use, some for over ten years.  It is important
to realise that the risk to consumers is extremely low.  You
can continue to use your fridge freezer, but as with any electrical
product, if you notice anything different please contact us. Our
original plan, as discussed and supported by Trading Standards was
for a phased approach in order to minimise consumer delay and

The BEKO frost free fridge freezer models affected were
manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006.  These
have a serial number that begins with either 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
or 06 and this information can be found on a label inside the
fridge.  Other Beko branded models and all Beko frost free
fridge freezers manufactured after this date are unaffected.
 Some of the initial delays were caused by unaffected
consumers calling the call centres.  Please check you do have
an affected product before calling.

Beko is making a free of charge modification to all affected
models.  This modification takes approximately 30mins and can
be booked by calling 0800 009 4837 or by visiting

The safety of all our products is our highest priority.
 Every one of our products is manufactured in compliance with
all current EU safety standards and they are independently

Again, we do apologise for the concern and the inconvenience
this has caused.


Contact: Mercieca Ltd, +44(0)207-485-0100, beko at mercieca.co.uk

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