Got a Problem? These Young Designers Have the Solutions!

By Royal College Of Art, PRNE
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LONDON, June 24, 2011 -


An ingenious solution to a major problem which keeps hitting the
headlines: just one of the new designs to be unveiled at this
year’s prestigious Royal College of Art graduate show.

Upon hearing that the average British household annually throws
away food worth an annual £480 - a total of £12 billion or over 8.3
million tonnes of disposed food across the UK every year - design
student Oliver Poyntz immediately wanted to tackle the growing

The brilliant young designer has now developed a new
sustainably-produced line of containers to prolong the shelf life
of food. Using Oliver’s patented device - made from naturally
occurring substances - food stays fresher for longer. In future,
Poyntz wants to see all food producers offering the device inside

Sam Jewell, studying innovation design engineering, was struck
by the difficulties faced by the over 2 million blind and partially
sighted people in the UK in accessing the internet.
 Currently, special software is currently available to ‘read
out’ web pages, describing the source code using a synthesized
vocal engine. 

“The problem is that this lacks the ability to differentiate
between important content and everything else” says Jewell. “Having
every single word read out is hugely time-consuming - especially
when all you want to know is the main headline!”

Jewell’s devised a novel way of overcoming the problem: software
which delivers content in a completely innovative, highly nuanced
form. The listener is able to get directly to the information they
need. Using the richness of sound to change speed, pitch, voice,
accent and tone, the computer interface is completely

The students’ professors at the Royal College of Art say that
this is exactly the sort of design thinking that the College
promotes: innovative ways of looking at and then solving problems.
The two designs can be seen, along with hundreds more, at the Royal
College of Art when it opens its doors today to the public for its
eagerly awaited annual graduate show. 

Counting the likes of Sir James Dyson amongst its alumni, the
RCA is confident that this year will see even more of its graduates
make it all the way to the top. In doing so, these brilliant young
designers will be helping put Britain back where it belongs - at
the forefront of global design and manufacturing. 

As Chancellor George Osborne noted in his budget speech, the
words “made in Britain, created in Britain, designed in Britain,
invented in Britain” need to be at the heart of a British economic

He could easily have been talking about the Royal College of


The Royal College of Art’s 2011 graduate summer shows will take
place simultaneously across the College’s two campuses in Battersea
and Kensington.

Open to the public: 24 June - 3 July


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