2500+ Military and Industry Players Return to London for the Largest International Armoured Vehicles Conference and Exhibition

By Iqpc, PRNE
Monday, February 21, 2011

LONDON, February 22, 2011 - On 7th February 2011, ExCel Centre opened its doors for the 10th Annual
International Armoured Vehicles (
www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com/) conference and exhibition,
commencing 4 days of intense networking, information-sharing and product
showcasing for high profile members of the military and industry.

Hosted by Defence IQ (www.defenceiq.com/), this year's event
featured sessions on Land Forces capability, equipping process,
survivability, and mounted combat platforms whilst providing attendees a
choice of participation in any of four Focus Days: Countering Improvised
Explosive Devices (C-IEDs), Through Life Support and Sustainment of Armoured
Vehicles, Armoured Vehicle C4ISR Capabilities for Joint Operations and
Combined Arms Training and Simulation.

The conference element of the event highlighted 50+ speakers from the
military, including Major General Chris Deverell, British Army and Major
General Robert Brown, US Army Manoeuvre Centre of Excellence, who kicked off
the conference, with sessions on The British Army's Strategy To Support
Current And Future Operations and The Future Of Mounted And Dismounted
Operations: The Role Of Tactical Small Units And The Solider As A System.

The content from the sessions were crucial to the attendees, many of whom
were repeat visitors interested in gathering information on the latest
developments in armoured vehicles. Others who were first-time participants
included a Project Officer from the Norwegian Army, who mentioned, "I'm here
for information on the different vehicles. I've attended all four days to
hear what other nations have done, avoid mistakes that they've made, and
learn lessons that they've learned."

Meanwhile, over 100 exhibitors displayed their latest products and
developments to 2500+ visitors, including vehicles such as: the Ocelot
vehicle, which will be replacing the British Army's Snatch Land Rover
vehicles, the 4×4 and 6×6 Zephyr vehicles from Creation UK, Ovik Solutions'
Cameleon and finally, Oshkosh's impressive M-ATV vehicle.

The event's exhibition hall featured more than just vehicles - many
exhibitors included innovative safety solutions for the interiors and
exteriors of armoured vehicles. A representative from Vital Seating Systems
stated, "The event provides good networking opportunities and the chance to
see UK and foreign buyers, so it is essential for our business to be here."

Fresh from its success this month, Defence IQ (www.defenceiq.com/)
is already in plans for its International Armoured Vehicles 2012 conference
and exhibition. A list of industry-leading companies already confirmed as
exhibitors include Nexter, RUAG Land Systems, Oshkosh Defence, DEW
Engineering, Hutchinson, Milbrook, Timoney Technology, Armourworks, PPG
Aerospace, Istec Services, Warn, Tempus/Panasonic, 01db Metravib, Raytheon
, Race-tec, Honeywell, Tyron, Rudchains, OIP, Dupont, Schott,
Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Polamco, Scanfiber and Jankel.

Event details and updates will be added periodically to the website at
www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com. Follow International Armoured
Vehicles on twitter.com/IAVehicles or join the LinkedIn Group:

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Kim Vigilia | IQPC, 2nd Floor, 129 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1JZ | Tel: +44(0)20-7368-9300

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