The Sports Network CEO Graces Cover of Inaugural Issue of Internet Magazine, Sports Activated

By The Sports Network, PRNE
Monday, February 21, 2011

HATBORO, Pennsylvania, February 22, 2011 - It was announced today by The Sports Network, the nation's premier
real-time source and wire service for sports content, that their CEO, Mickey
was interviewed as the cover story for the inaugural issue of the
Internet's latest entry to the world of sports publishing with a primary
focus on technology…Sports Activated…

"When you undertake an offering such as ours," stated Franco Scanga,
publisher of Sports Activated, "it is important that our first impression
captures the attention, imagination and interest of early users that will
pass the word, so to speak, of our efforts and foster the growth of which the
Internet is capable. That is why we reached out to Mickey Charles,
knowledgeable, respected, well-known, and somewhat of a legend within the
sports informational industry world-wide. He has been the centerpiece for so
many that have followed in his footsteps and is sought after by conferences
everywhere, always drawing standing room only attendees. Further, he
currently contributes editorially to a number of print and Internet
publications such as MEI, GBGC and iGaming. Consequently," he continued,
"when we opted for a focal point in accord with our introductory issue, the
conclusions, viewpoints, earlier predictions and future ones, trend and pace
setting accomplishments of Mickey and his organization were the obvious
choice when speaking of the evolution of technology in sport."

A spokesperson for The Sports Network added that "Mr. Charles is
constantly pursued by publications for contributory editorial commentary and
he has selected a few for whom he does this, as he chooses conferences that
wish him to be keynote, presenter, panelist or moderator. He was pleased to
be accorded this honor and feels that the industry of sport, particularly in
the area of technology, and the Internet as the vehicle to distribute both
his knowledge and that of others is a perfect setting for Sports Activated."

Both Messrs Scanga and Charles indicated that they would be available for
further commentary and questions regarding the publication and topics covered
presently as well as those planned for the future.

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About Sports Activated

Sports Activated ( empowers innovators to
share concepts and create the future of sports technology. Our objective is
to pursue the evolution of technology in sport with an exclusive focus on the
most creative minds in the world today. By highlighting the best and
brightest approaches, Sports Activated is the crucible for a community of
ideas that apply technology to sport smarter and more effectively.

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