40,000 sq ft Gateway Facilities ULC Connects High Value Canadian Exports and Imports With Markets Around the World

By Gateway Facilities Ulc, PRNE
Thursday, June 3, 2010

HALIFAX, Canada, June 4, 2010 - The official opening today of Gateway Facilities ULC in Halifax, Nova
, Canada means high value air cargo is delivered on time around the
world," says Doug McRae, co-owner of Gateway Facilities ULC. "This facility
is a critical component of the Atlantic Gateway as it enhances quality and
reliability in the global supply chain."

Gateway Facilities ULC is the new 40,000 sq ft facility prominently
located at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport airside subdivision,
with 7,000 sq. ft. of temperature controlled cargo space and airside access,
accommodating 747 freighters. In this new facility, the largest of its kind
north of Miami, cargo is moved from the refrigerated space to the aircraft in
less than two minutes.

The $15 million (Canadian) joint investment between Gateway Facilities
ULC, and Halifax International Airport Authority, is a recent addition to the
airside subdivision and has been operational since January 2010. Customers
already in operation at the Gateway Facility ULC are FedEx Express, Worldwide
Perishables, and WestJet Cargo.

"The new facility was created in response to Canada's growing high value
import and export business and all partners in the supply chain wanting to
move goods to and from Canada and the Northeastern United States," says

Keynote speaker, Joe Hete, President and CEO of ATSG, which has been
operating from Gateway Facilities ULC since January 2010 said, "What's key
with this type of facility is the opportunity to maintain the quality of high
value perishable goods while in transit and to move them quickly from
production and manufacturing to global markets."

"This facility is unique on the Eastern Seaboard as it provides
international carriers with refrigerated air cargo space adjacent to an apron
at Halifax Stanfield International Airport," said Tom Ruth, President and CEO
of Halifax International Airport Authority.

Today Gateway Facilities ULC customers, industry leaders, and government
representatives celebrated the opening and discussed opportunities for
increased international air cargo moving to and from North America.

About Gateway Facilities ULC

Gateway Facilities provides customers with warehousing, ground handling,
pallet build/break, fueling and de-icing services. Currently, FedEx Express,
WestJet and Worldwide Perishables are tenants. Visit our website

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