82.4% of all Men use Wrong-sized Condoms

By Condomadvisor.com, PRNE
Monday, November 29, 2010

LONDON, November 30, 2010 - Let's assume all English men walk around in wrong-sized shoes simply
because there is only one standard size available. In that case people would
rather walk barefoot, because a tight shoe is pain and no pleasure! Absurd?

Not when it comes to condoms. 82.4% of all English men don't look at the
size issue and have had negative experiences when either wearing loose or too
tight standard condoms. Therefore they refrain from using important
protection. But size does matter!

A survey carried out by condomadvisor.com interviewing 2,539 men found
the typical penis length ranged from 9 to 22cm with an average of 14.67cm,
which means there is just is no standard size. Men are not aware of their own
size and use an ill-fitting standard sized condom with the negative

The survey shows that a standard condom fits only 17.6% of men. All other
men should use a tailored condom that fits the size of their penis.

13.5% of all men have a penis length of less than 11.5cm. These men
should choose a smaller condom. On the other hand men with a larger than
average penis size should use an equivalently large condom.

Condomadvisor.com provides the first solution to solve the size issue: a
made-to-measure condom: My.Size condoms come in different sizes, offer a
perfect fit, are great to wear and provide good protection.

How do men find the right condom?

It's simple. To find the right condom men should firstly find out what
size they are. That is easily achieved by measuring themselves and noting
width and length of their penis. This could be done with a measuring tape
which can be downloaded from www.condomadvisor.com

After measuring and entering the size details on
www.condomadvisor.com men will be offered a selection of condoms of
all major brands including the tailored My.Size range that certainly will fit
their size.

    Press contact:
    Adam Harper
    Mobile: +44(0)7590-052830
    E-Mail: info@vinico.com

Press contact: Adam Harper, Mobile: +44(0)7590-052830, E-Mail: info at vinico.com

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