Does Your Phone Carry More Germs Than a Toilet? A new Device Aims to Protect Users From Screen Bacteria

By 14 Lights Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, November 21, 2010

LONDON, November 22, 2010 - Is your mobile phone bad for your health? No, we're not talking about
radiation here. We're talking germs. Because a recent study found the average
cell phone can harbor 18 times more germs than a toilet handle in a public
washroom. That's according to a UK study published in July by the Journal of
Applied Microbiology.

It might make you think twice before you pass your handset over to
someone so they can look at the screen. How many bacteria are being swapped
around every time someone else touches your handset? It's not just phones,
but anything with a screen, including laptops, notebooks, even televisions.

One group of boffins has come up the answer though: a screen protector
that kills the most common bacteria. The protector is an almost pure film
coating which eliminates of 99% of Escherichia Coli and 88% of Staphylococcus

S-View Anti-Bacterial screen protector was developed to protect the
health of touch-screen users. A specific anti-bacteria treatment is formed on
the film surface and protects users from the infection and invasion of
bacteria when they touch the LCD screen.

"If you share a device with someone, then you could be sharing germs too.
It's easy to spread bacteria and disease through whatever you touch," says
Hassan Jawad, General Manager of the company 14 Lights, which is bringing the
new generation of protectors to the UK and Gulf States. The protectors are
made by the South Korean company S-View in conjunction with 14 Lights Ltd.

What's more, these protectors get rid of one annoying problem with mobile
handsets and similar devices - the fingerprint smears you have to wipe off
several times a day.

"Consumers often touch their screens," says Mr Jawad, "and that can leave
grease and fingerprint smears."

The new range of protectors feature an anti-fingerprint film with
protrusions on the surface using precise nano-size Silica. This provides a
uniform surface which is exceptionally smooth and slippery.

14 Lights and S-view are offering screen protectors manufactured to
precisely fit specific handsets, taking into account the size of the screen,
orientation, and layout of features. These new generation protectors are
higher quality, longer lasting and provide better all-round protection than
traditional products.

The company makes specialist screen protectors for a huge range of
devices, including smartphones, notebook, netbooks, and tablets - just about
anything that has a screen.

Mr Jawad adds that 14Lights is keen to hear from potential distributors,
especially in the UK and Gulf states.

Background information

Protectors are available for a huge range of handsets, including all of
the most popular Nokia phone models, as well as a range of laptops, netbooks,
tablets and smartphones. All of these films protect the screen from
fingerprints and scratching, provide an anti-glare coating and are easy to
install and remove, leaving no sticky residue.

14Lights is representing S-view in the Middle East, and helping to market
its exciting range of quality products. 14lights is based in the UK, but
operates throughout global marketplaces.

S-view specializes in using creative and innovative solutions to deliver
high quality films customized to meet the different and special needs of
consumers. The company's various types of screen protectors can be applied to
everyday electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops and cameras. The
company provides products to leading brands and corporations around the
world, and is renowned for delivering high quality with exceptional value.

For more information and additional quotes, please contact: Hassan Jawad, General Manager, 14 Lights Ltd., Email: h.jawad at, Telephone: +44-7912208714

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