A Fast-Paced, Exciting Race to Find Hidden Treasure Makes "Ninian Fire - Fool's Gold" the Perfect Adventure Story for Children Aged 7 to 12

By Elcamedia Publishing B.v., PRNE
Friday, June 10, 2011

LONDON, June 11, 2011 -

Following hot on the heels of "Ninian Fire - Double Dutchman", the
popular children's adventure book, "Ninian Fire - Fool's Gold" is being
launched on 11 June as the second in the trilogy of exciting Ninian Fire
novels written by Kate Anders and published by ElcaMedia Publishing.

As in the first novel, the story follows the adventures of the three
children who make up Ignis Investigators. The children are into coded
messages and look around for interesting cases to investigate in their home
city of Norwich.

The breathless action begins at once with one of the intrepid
investigators overhearing a mysterious conversation between two students on a
train. One of them then arrives in Norwich. But why is she playing the same
tune on her flute in various locations around the city? Is it a code? And is
she being followed?

The action never lets up, and the student confides in the children that
she is in possession of a secret message giving clues to hidden gold buried
somewhere in the cathedral. But can she be trusted?

The pace really hots up when the children realise they are not the only
ones who know about the gold and that the other people in the race to find it
will stop at nothing to get it!

Impossible to put down, the beautifully written story gallops towards its
climax and a wonderful final twist that provides the perfect ending. It's
just the kind of escapist adventure that children love and which fires their
imagination, also making it ideal for school use.

To order copies of "Ninian Fire - Fool's Gold" or "Ninian Fire - Double
Dutchman" visit www.ninianfire.com or contact
publishing@elcamedia.com. Also available from Amazon and other major
bookshops. "Ninian Fire - Double Dutchman" is now available on Kindle.

The final book in the trilogy, "Ninian Fire - Smokescreen" is scheduled
for release in August.

Kate Anders was born in England and lived in the Netherlands for many
years. She has been a teacher for over 30 years and therefore understands
what kind of stories and characters really excite children. Kate lives near
Norwich and draws on local knowledge and landmarks to give her novels great


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