Aabar Makes Voting Rights Announcement Regarding Daimler Investment / Aabar Remains Fully Committed to its Position in Daimler

By Aabar Investments Pjs, PRNE
Monday, October 10, 2011

ABU DHABI, UAE, October 11, 2011 -

Aabar Automotives GmbH (”Aabar”) today informed the German Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) and Daimler AG (”Daimler”) that it crossed below the 5% notification threshold in the percentage voting rights in Daimler.

Of the 96,408,000 Daimler shares, representing 9.04% of Daimler’s share capital, originally acquired by Aabar in March 2009, Aabar continues to own 53,298,274 Daimler shares. Aabar also continues to have the right to redelivery of an additional 43,109,726 Daimler shares, the ownership of which Aabar has transferred by way of stock lending as security to finance Aabar’s original acquisition of Daimler shares. In aggregate these shares correspond to the 9.04% of Daimler’s share capital acquired by Aabar in 2009 (based on the total number of outstanding voting rights published by Daimler on September 30, 2011).

The crossing of the 5% notification threshold was caused by an increase in Daimler’s share capital as a result of the exercise of stock options and was not a result of a permanent divestiture of Daimler shares by Aabar.

Aabar remains fully committed to its position in Daimler and continues to be supportive of Daimler’s management and strategy.


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