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Monday, October 31, 2011

NEW YORK and LONDON, November 1, 2011 -

Charities, philanthropists, companies, governments invited to join innovative global movement to give ‘philanthropists a voice’

Dame Stephanie Shirley, the British Government’s Founding Ambassador for Philanthropy, today launched, a global movement which brings together charities, companies, philanthropists and governments for a worldwide effort “to unleash global giving’s potential”.

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Dame Stephanie is a leading philanthropist who has donated millions from her self-made software business.  She and her team are devoted to transforming the potential of philanthropy into a dynamic reality by ‘giving philanthropists a voice’.

Around the world, nations are seizing on the concept to appoint their own emissaries for giving, while good causes and enterprises, such as Save China’s Tigers, The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, Autism Speaks, Value Works, Project Unity, Merlin, New Orleans City Park and many others, are joining this global platform to modernize giving.

A key part of the new movement is to give today’s philanthropists a voice: into governments, the media and the causes they support. Organizations join, creating microsites upon which to create and broadcast videos of their donors’ endorsements. is joined in this effort by a new digital publication, Giving Magazine - the philanthropist voice worldwide - distributed to more than 1 million philanthropists.

Dame Stephanie said: “Philanthropy is an incredible force for good, driven by talented people with deep knowledge of the issues to address vital causes.

“There are almost no limits to what philanthropy could achieve if released from the shackles of red tape, bureaucratic tax policies and out-of-date laws that in country after county are holding it back from fulfilling its global potential.

“With so much unmet need, there is an urgency to find new resources, give philanthropists a voice, and embolden this giving movement, from our grassroots members to our government leaders.

“With so much at stake, causes and companies across the world are being urged to join the movement, engaging with a network of existing and potential philanthropists whose wealth and expertise reflects their present and future leadership roles.

“Together, their powerful messages will influence a global audience to both transform the environment for giving and inspire individuals to new philanthropic heights.

“All of us, every one of us, can be an ambassador for philanthropy.”

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