CD-adapco Releases New Version of its Electric Machine Software, SPEED

By Cd-adapco, PRNE
Monday, September 26, 2011

NEW YORK and LONDON, September 27, 2011 -

- In June 2011, CD-adapco acquired the electric machine software, SPEED. The version 2011 release is available with over 350 enhancements.

SPEED software allows users to design electric machines such as induction motors (polyphase/1-phase); brushless permanent-magnet motors (square wave/sine wave); d.c. brush motors; switched reluctance motors; and synchronous reluctance motors.  Many of the new features in SPEED are intended for generators as well. With over 1500 customers using SPEED for over 20 years, they are among the leading manufacturers, designers, developers and users of electric machines.

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Dr. Tim Miller, originator of SPEED and now a consultant to CD-adapco commented, “While this is a great development for SPEED and all our customers, we’re wasting no time in making a complete new release of all the SPEED software and its documentation. One compelling reason why we’ve joined forces with CD-adapco is to make SPEED even better.” Miller continued, “An early sign of SPEED’s progress is the intense collaboration now underway, to share geometry and other design parameters with STAR-CCM+. Another is the development of a 3D electromagnetic solver in STAR-CCM+. And a third is the intense training activity that SPEED is running — two or three times the previous level.”

For full details of SPEED version 2011’s industry highlights and enhancements which include: Automotive (Hybrid & Electric Vehicles and Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural & Mining Special Vehicles); Refrigeration, Domestic Appliances & Water; Aerospace; and Industrial, please see the full release at:

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Lauren Gautier, CD-adapco


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