Watching the Wedding On iPad Could Cost Up To GBP78,000 Abroad, Says Tru, the World First Global Mobile Network

By Tru, PRNE
Thursday, April 28, 2011

LONDON, April 29, 2011 - iPad users on the nation's most commonly used mobile networks be wary if
they want to watch the most anticipated wedding of the millennium while
abroad. Tru, the first global mobile network has revealed the full scale of
the roaming charges incurred for those watching the full YouTube broadcast
outside of the UK.

A British business person who decides to catch just 45 minutes of the
event on their iPad while soaking up the sun in Sydney or San Francisco, will
rack up costs with Orange UK of an eye watering GBP7,344.00, the same person
on a T-Mobile contract would be liable to pay GBP6,885.00.

Watching the full 8 hour BBC broadcast on YouTube's Royal channel could
land Orange users a GBP78,336 bill to welcome them home - enough to pay for
Kate Middleton's dress, her tiara… and even the car that takes her to the

Tru, the mobile network for international travellers, is launching its
Micro SIM for the iPad, and will charge business users GBP20 for the same
amount of data. This latest product is designed to let iPad users stay in
touch while abroad, never missing out on the latest goings on because of
roaming charges. To achieve these deals, Tru has created unique partnerships
with leading mobile operators in key business countries to abolish roaming
charges on Tru tariffs, offering the lowest roaming cost overall compared
against any other supplier.

Notes to Editors:

Working assumptions:

- You tube broadcasts at 340 Kbps:

- 45 minute YouTube video = 918MB

- 8 hour YouTube video = 9.792 GB

- Orange Roaming Rates in US or AUS = GBP8.00 per MB

- T-Mobile Roaming Rates in US or Aus = GBP7.50 per MB

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