Anti-Wrinkle Bra Popular in London and Europe

By La Decollette, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

Selfridges and Various European Countries Start Selling La Decollette

AMSTELVEEN, Netherlands and LONDON, April 12, 2011 - Dutch anti-wrinkle bra La Decollette is getting more popular in Europe
every day. After scientific tests by the Paris research institute CERCO
(Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Cosmetologique) established that women who
wear the bra see their cleavage-wrinkles reduced significantly after 24
hours, Dutch designer Rachel de Boer is getting requests from all over Europe
and even Canada and the USA. Recently the famous department store Selfridges
started selling La Decollette in its London flagstore and online.

In addition, agents in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain and France began
supplying the nightbra to lingerie shops. De Boer is also talking with a
distributor for Canada and the US. Her appearance on Le Salon International
de la Lingerie in Paris earlier this year was typical for the growing
popularity of La Decollette. "It's the biggest lingerie exhibition in
Europe. Last year when we attended Le Salon, our product drew a lot of
attention. After the study of CERCO we are taken very seriously now by
everyone and some interesting agencies emerged," says De Boer.

Her anti-wrinkle bra is a nightbra with no cups that keeps the breasts
into place during the night. Women who sleep on their sides, discover
vertical wrinkles at their cleavage when they wake up, caused by breasts
being pressed against each other while sleeping. These wrinkles get worse and
finally don't disappear at all. La Decollette prevents this wrinkling and
makes existing wrinkles disappear, so the CERCO tests proved.

The interest of Selfridges in London - voted best department store in the
world - De Boer calls 'a great honour'. After presenting her concept to the
staff of the lingerie department, Selfridges started selling La Decollette
online and in its prestigious store on Oxford Street in London.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the anti-wrinkle bra is already sold by
150 lingerie stores and other selling points. Earlier, De Boer opened
webshops in various European countries.

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