Doing Business in Russia: the Internet Portal to Russian Customers

By Kids Review Ltd., PRNE
Sunday, April 10, 2011

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, April 11, 2011 -, an independent online magazine for families
with kids (monthly readership over 75 000), introduces a free and effective
channel for companies to reach their potential buyers in Russia. The highly
attractive Russian market remains hard to penetrate, but the democracy of
Internet allows companies to address their potential customers in Russia
directly, bypassing agents, customs, and localization costs, and to virtually
"export" clients from Russia.

The business directory and news placement service at is a targeted online sales and marketing tool,
optimal for companies that look to attract solvent Russian customers, build
brand recognition and product awareness within Russia. All company
descriptions in the business directory, and all stories selected for
publication are written in Russian, by the magazine's editorial staff and
Russian market experts, free of charge.

Official numbers show that despite the economic crisis, Russians do have
the money to spend. Russian children's apparel market alone is estimated at
5.3 billion Euros (by Fashion Consulting Group). And in many sectors of
Russian economy, the scarce supply lags far behind the growing demand,
especially when it comes to the luxury sector. With a population of 142
million, Russia has one of the highest mobile penetrations in the world (over
100%), 3G and 4G (WiMAX) networks are widely used, with ARPU (average revenue
per user) constantly growing. Each year, more Russian parents are sending
children to study abroad: in the first 9 months of 2010 the British officials
in Moscow, for instance, have issued 9241 student visas, as opposed to 8319
visas in the same period of 2009. Health tourists from Russia are becoming
the expected guests in many European states: "Most patients choosing the
Zurich University Hospital come from countries near Switzerland, the Middle
or Russia." - Zurich University Hospital spokeswoman Petra Seeburger

The World Wide Web has fewer boundaries and remains one of the easiest
and most reliable ways of delivering information to potential clients. Being
represented on the portal is a fast, effective and
cost-efficient way for companies to promote their services and goods to the
Russian market, in the local language. "70% of our readers find us, when
searching for services for their kids, on the Internet," comments Victoria
Krasilshikova, the Chief Editor of, - "The majority
of parents that Google for places to go and things to do with kids are
working parents. They are Internet-savvy, financially stable and interested
to try new things." The online magazine's 75,000 unique monthly visitors
spend an average of 6 minutes on reading 3 pages, 73% of the them are 25
years of age or older, 36% are men and 64% are women, 63% are new and 37% are
returning. "Most of our readers are experiencing the need for a specific
service and are looking for information on the right provider. So in order to
be found by potential customers, companies just need to be mentioned in our
directory and magazine," Victoria concludes.

To learn more about how to enter the Russian market of goods and services
for kids the smart way, and how to get listed in the local Russian-language
business directory for free, please contact us at To
learn more about the magazine, the featured and enhanced listing options, and
the news placement service available, please visit the magazine's official
English language 'About' page:

About (Detskoe Obozrenie)

"Detskoe Obozrenie" or is a popular online
portal for families with kids, living in the Saint-Petersburg area. The
portal combines three types of online information services: a magazine for
parents (full of practical reviews and advice on where to get the best stuff
for kids), an everyday playbill (all that is happening around town for
children), and an interactive business directory (companies offering products
and services for families with kids, ranging from the local medical centers,
restaurants and stores, to the best study-abroad and vacation places). The
basic listing in the business directory is free. Each company is listed on a
separate search-engine-optimized webpage with five sections: contact info,
picture and video gallery, company description in Russian, company news and
user comments.

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