DESSO Group Launches Online Platform for Architects and Designers

By Desso Group Bv, PRNE
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WAALWIJK, The Netherlands, December 8, 2011 -

A digital extension of ‘Circles of Architects®

European carpet manufacturer Desso is extending its Circles of Architects® concept with an online platform for interior architects and designers. This web community focuses completely on architecture, design, innovation, product development as well as the Cradle to Cradle® concept, which is so inextricably linked with Desso’s business operations.

Alexander Collot d’Escury, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Desso Group, comments: “We started the Circles of Architects® sessions in 2007, which involved holding regular meetings with groups of ten to twenty interior architects all over the world to get their feedback on our concepts and ideas in the early stages of the design process. During these sessions, they exchange ideas about the profession with fellow architects and designers, discuss trends in architecture and floor design and listen to inspiring guest speakers.

“On the online Circles of Architects® platform, we want to continue this dialogue and give everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas and together discover new perspectives and innovations.”

Social media

The online platform promotes interactivity and ongoing dialogue. Collot d’Escury explains: “We’ve linked the website to various social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to ensure people have to opportunity to engage with us and each other on a regular basis. The Circles of Architects® Facebook page can also be a source of inspiration as it also features news about architecture, design, fashion, art, upcoming talent, seminars and exhibitions.”


“As a company, we believe very strongly in co-creation. The success of our products is not just the result of our own knowledge, but very much down to interaction and the feedback we receive from interior architects and designers, clients and suppliers,” says Collot d’Escury. He adds, “Circles of Architects® gives it shape. Both physically and online, it’s a platform for and by influential design professionals.”

Find the Circles of Architects® website at:

You can also visit the Circles of Architects® Facebook page:


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