New 2012 Kalkhoff Electric Bikes Announced, Coming to Local Dealers Across the UK

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LONDON, November 23, 2011 -

Kalkhoff, the leading electric bike brand in Germany and the UK, debuts new power assistance systems across their 2012 range. UK distributor will supply dealers with Kalkhoff e-bikes for the first time, allowing customers to test ride and buy the latest generation models locally.

Kalkhoff Impulse ‘outstanding’

Kalkhoff’s Impulse electric bicycle technology was launched to acclaim in Berlin in March 2011 with dealers ordering 5,000 bikes immediately. It was named ‘Best Buy’ by the editor of ebike magazine ElektroRad, whose overall verdict on the Impulse was ‘outstanding’.

Impulse improves on existing systems by offering greater performance, efficiency and ease of use. High-end models feature a multi-function console displaying CO2 emission and fuel cost savings. All are built to exacting German industrial standards and all feature an innovative rear safety light system.

Bosch and Groove

Bosch have also entered the market recently and Kalkhoff  will feature their technology for the first time in 2012. Kalkhoff offers the Groove hub for electric cyclists on a tighter budget, bringing new levels of quality and gutsy power to this segment. These options mean Kalkhoff offers the widest selection of e-bike propulsion systems of any brand.

Established UK favourite

Scott Snaith, director of 50cycles says, “It’s very satisfying to provide such life-changing products. Kalkhoff bikes are great at tackling hilly or challenging commutes, but they’re as likely to be enjoyed by couples who can cycle together for the first time in years, as well as keen cyclists whose health might otherwise prevent them riding at all. Electric bikes not only extend the range of a cyclist’s ride but also the length of their cycling life.”

50cycles will announce the first dealers in the national Kalkhoff network and the 2012 Kalkhoff electric bike range on 1st December 2012 so make sure you take a look at the website then.

Market context

While electric cars remain under development, electric cycles are here, capturing the market as the best personal transport around:

  • Electric bikes are practical in overcrowded, traffic-congested towns and cities. They close the gaps and leapfrog transport problems.
  • Electric bikes now account for an estimated 50% of cycle turnover in the Netherlands.
  • German e-bike sales are expected to exceed 300,000 in 2011.
  • Cycling regularly prevents so-called ‘modern diseases’. E-bikes offer a gentle alternative, motivating people to take exercise and are gentle on anyone who is suffering the effects of illness. Importantly, they are also fun.

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