Adfortel Introduces: Your Ads. Your Call. That’s VoiceAds RBT

By Adfortel, PRNE
Sunday, December 4, 2011

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, December 5, 2011 -

Adfortel introduces a new feature to its Mobile Marketing service VoiceAds providing real time targeting and more reach.

VoiceAds had its breakthrough earlier this year with the launch of a VoiceAds funded tariff by Orange Austria.

Jorge Reis Martins, CTO for Adfortel, “In Austria we were able to see how well people understood the service which was about listening to VoiceAds during the call waiting period (short radio-like commercials replacing the call waiting tone) and see it as a fun and smart way to cut their mobile spending.

What about playing advertisement to the subscriber’s callers?

“That is actually what Adfortel is launching now, taking sponsored calls to a new level of perception and audience size. With VoiceAds RBT it’s not about the folks who subscribed to the service, it’s about the ones making calls to these subscribers. So we want to do it right, giving to advertisers an audience that is very well profiled and receptive. ¬†

Our VoiceAd RBT solution solves a very big downside of any traditional RBT platform, i.e. that it is not a “Front Brain” service. In other words, traditional RBT vendors have an ongoing challenge to ensure a continuous flow of content (and therefore content sales) since the called party is controlling who is listening to what, without having to listen to it themselves. Adfortel’s VoiceAds RBT solution will take care of that continuous flow of VoiceAds by using our innovative Marketing Campaign Manager.”

That was the starting point for VoiceAds RBT, which has in addition some very interesting ways of mashing up pre-authorized consumer data to build the audience profile and also enable for acquiring the opt-in of the callers. All of this is to prevent any traditional RBT platform to become a spamming tool, which is what most of the RBT platform vendors are doing today.

VoiceAds RBT includes the usage of different channels, existing and new, traditional and social, to achieve a well-constructed offer that pleases the subscribers, the audience and the advertiser. Adfortel has arrived with a advertising RBT service that simply works for everyone.

Adfortel’s VoiceAds RBT solution is now deployed onto several operator’s existing RBT platforms to enable them to start sharing in the huge revenue potential of mobile advertising inventory that the call waiting period has to offer.

Adfortel, Jorge Reis Martins, jorge at, +31-10-477-32-44

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