Blancco’s Solution Answers Cloud Computing Need for Erasure of Storage Systems in Live Storage Environments

By Blancco Oy Ltd., PRNE
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

JOENSUU, Finland, June 22, 2011 -


Blanccos New LUN Eraser Helps Prevent
Dangerous Information Leaks

Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and end-of-lifecycle
solutions, recently launched its latest solution for the secure
erasure of data within live storage environments.

With worldwide revenue from public IT cloud services forecast to
reach US$55.5 billion by 2014,[1]
data centres will be entrusted with more information than ever
before. In this rapidly emerging cloud computing environment, data
centres need secure, cost-effective options for reusing enterprise
storage systems without rebuilding them. For safe reuse of these
costly and complex systems, Blancco offers LUN Eraser, a
centralized tool that can erase logical drives like LUNs in a live
storage environment where the host computer cannot be rebooted.

“Not only does Blancco LUN Eraser sustain data centre compliance
with a wide range of policies and regulations like PCI DSS, it can
simultaneously erase data on 200 or more logical units through
remote management from an application server,” said Kim Väisänen,
CEO and CO-founder of Blancco. “For external data centres and
internal corporate users alike, this concurrent erasure expedites
data removal and improves productivity, while also providing
detailed erasure reports for audit purposes.”

Blancco LUN Eraser erases logical and physical drives detected
by UNIX and Windows operating systems. It shreds the drive by
overwriting the entire writeable area, sector by sector, according
to a process chosen from among all major government and industry
overwriting standards, as required by the user. The automatically
generated report, which documents details like the LUN identifier
and date, time, and technician for the erasure, can be uploaded to
Blancco Management Console or emailed as a PDF.

Blancco LUN Eraser
protects data at vulnerable transition points

Blancco LUN Eraser supports both corporate users with data
centres and external storage providers in their efforts to meet
increasingly strict regulations and internal data security policies
that mandate data destruction. Common scenarios that require
erasure of LUNs and associated documentation include:

  • PCI DSS compliance - The Payment Card Data Security
    Standard requires that customer data is not stored more than five
    years. At the end of this period, the data must be securely erased
    and the process thoroughly documented.
  • Disaster recovery test - Disaster recovery tests are
    necessary to ensure a high availability data center environment.
    During these tests, LUN data is replicated and must be erased
    afterwards for security reasons, with appropriate documentation to
    prove its removal.
  • End-of-hosting subscription - In a cloud computing
    environment, customers may come and go. Erasure is necessary for
    LUN reuse in a hosted environment when a current customer leaves
    and a new user is assigned to an existing LUN.

To find out more about how Blancco LUN Eraser meets these and
other data center requirements for erasure of logical and physical
drives, visit

About Blancco

Blancco is the proven data erasure solution for millions of
users around the globe. As the global leader in data erasure and
end-of-lifecycle solutions, Blancco offers the most certified data
erasure solutions within the industry. The company serves users
across a wide range of industries, including banking, finance,
government and defense, as well as IT Asset Disposal professionals.
Blancco operates from an extensive network of international offices
and partners across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australasia.
More information is available at

[1] IDC: Worldwide and Regional
Public IT Cloud Services 2010-2014 Forecast. June 2010.

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Blancco Oy Ltd
Kim Väisänen
CEO and Co-Founder


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