Ixonos App Agency Offers a Decade’s Worth of Experience in Life-Cycle-Spanning Mobile app Design and Development

By Ixonos, PRNE
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HELSINKI, June 22, 2011 -


Ixonos, a world leader in creating wireless technologies,
software and solutions for mobile devices and services, with a
special focus on providing inspiring user experiences, launches an
App Agency. With the new solution, Ixonos offers its long-standing
experience in designing and developing mobile services to its
global clientele to help develop a comprehensive mobile strategy
and an attractive mobile app offering for them.

“Mobile apps have developed into a major B2C and B2B business in
a very short time, which means that app development services are in
high demand. Ixonos is the first established, large-scale and
globally operating company to offer its unique skills and extensive
resources to deliver the quality and consistency required for
successful apps,” says Antti Aumo, head of Ixonos’ Global

Ixonos App Agency is a comprehensive solution that covers all
aspects related to app development, from business consultancy to
production, deployment and maintenance and all the way to
analytics. “Surprisingly many companies are entering this business
without an appropriate toolkit or a comprehensive plan. We are the
first solution provider to offer a service that fully covers all
the phases of the app development and deployment life-cycle,”
comments Tiago Luchini, App Agency Solution Manager at Ixonos.

The App Agency clientele comprises companies in all industries
looking for new business opportunities and success in mobile app
ventures. Having been part of the mobile ecosystem for so long,
Ixonos has the rare market understanding to help customers develop
mobile strategies that address which phones, platforms and app
stores they should focus their offering on to gain maximum impact.
With solid technical understanding of all major platforms-iOS,
Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and MeeGo-Ixonos helps develop
mobile apps that offer consistent user and brand experiences. App
Agency can handle localizations, version management for different
platforms and app stores as well as offer full support for further
development and hosting.

“Ixonos has been involved in the development of core mobile apps
for major social-media, news and entertainment companies in all our
operating regions: North America, Europe and Asia. We have the
market understanding to deliver high-quality mobile solutions
tailored to help our customers reach their target audience in
multiple demographics,” explains CEO Kari Happonen.

Ixonos is an ICT services company creating innovative solutions
for mobility, social media and digital services. Together with our
customers we develop products and services which let people enjoy
inspiring digital experience, anyplace, anytime. Our client
organizations benefit from new business opportunities and new
productivity. We have offices in Finland, China, Denmark, Estonia,
Germany, Great Britain, Slovakia, South Korea and the U.S. Ixonos
Plc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. The company’s turnover in
2010 was 84.9 MEUR and operating profit 5.3 MEUR.

For more information, please contact:

Kari Happonen, President and CEO, tel. +358-400-700-761, href="mailto:kari.happonen@ixonos.com">kari.happonen@ixonos.com

• Antti Aumo, Vice President, Global Solutions, tel.
+358-40-505-0477, href="mailto:antti.aumo@ixonos.com">antti.aumo@ixonos.com
Tiago Luchini, App Agency Solution Manager, tel.
+358-400-514-171, href="mailto:tiago.luchini@ixonos.com">tiago.luchini@ixonos.com

Laszlo Gaspar, National Sales Manager, USA, tel. +1-310-930-5597,

Roope Suomalainen, Director, tel. +44(0)7717-823-707, href="mailto:roope.suomalainen@ixonos.com">roope.suomalainen@ixonos.com


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