BlueNext Launches Spot ERUs Using Trayport(R)'s GlobalVision Exchange Trading System(SM) Technology

By Trayport Limited, PRNE
Monday, December 13, 2010

LONDON, December 14, 2010 - Trayport Limited, a leading provider of multi-asset-class electronic
exchange trading systems, today said that its exchange client, BlueNext, has
launched trading of its first spot Emissions Reduction Units (ERU) contracts
using Trayport's GlobalVision Exchange Trading System. The launch of spot ERU
trading comes on the back of two successful ERU auctions BlueNext held in
January and September of this year.

BlueNext is one of the world's leading exchanges for
environmental-related products. It trades three types of environmental
contracts: EUAs, CERs and now ERUs and has used Trayport's GlobalVision
Exchange Trading System since 2008.

BlueNext held the first-ever auction of 400,000 tons worth of ERUs in
January. Emissions Reduction Units are created when companies invest in
greenhouse gas reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol. ERU's are separate
from Clean Development Mechanism credits (CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol,
which are traded by developed countries with emissions targets under Kyoto.

"The exchange decided to implement secondary auctions and make spot
contracts available to its members to improve trading activity and create
price transparency for ERUs," said François-Xavier Saint-Macary, Chairman and
CEO, BlueNext. "By using Trayport to establish a secondary auction, with a
link to our own in-house developed algorithm, we have made a major advance in
providing price information and discovery for both buyers and sellers to make
investments in the underlying joint implementation projects that will
increase ERU supply."

BlueNext's spot members will now benefit from a single platform to trade
the three contracts. The ERU launch will give the market a clear price signal
and therefore give greater transparency to the market as a whole.

"Historically, the majority of ERU trades have been over-the-counter and
so the auctions and spot contract availability of ERUs was designed by
BlueNext and Trayport to help create better price discovery and generate a
clearer price signal for ERUs to encourage greater investment," said James
, Head of Sales and Client Services, Trayport.

"We have worked hard to increase our product and service offering for
those who trade ERUs - both with increased focus and increased allocation of
resources. Trayport offered us the technology for this and so are ideally
placed to provide us the adaptability we need in the future," said
François-Xavier Saint-Macary.

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